News Alert: 1inch partners with Blockaid to enhance Web3 security through the 1inch Shield

Dubai, UAE, June 20, 2024, CyberNewsWire — 1inch, a leading DeFi aggregator that provides advanced security solutions to users across the entire space, has announced today the launch of the 1inch Shield. This solution, that is offering enhanced protection against a wide range of potential threats, was completed in partnership with Blockaid, a major provider of … Read more

News Alert: INE Security lays out strategies for optimizing security teams to mitigate AI risks

Cary, NC, June 20, 2024, CyberNewsWire — 2024 is rapidly shaping up to be a defining year in generative AI. While 2023 saw its emergence as a potent new technology, business leaders are now grappling with how to best leverage its transformative power to grow efficiency, security, and revenue. With the near-universal integration of AI … Read more

NEWS ANALYSIS Q&A: Striving for contextual understanding as digital transformation plays out

The tectonic shift of network security is gaining momentum, yet this transformation continues to lag far behind the accelerating pace of change in the operating environment. Related: The advance of LLMs For at least the past decade, the cybersecurity industry has been bending away from rules-based defenses designed to defend on-premises data centers and leaning … Read more

RSAC Fireside Chat: VISO TRUST replaces questionaires with AI analysis to advance ‘TPRM’

Taking stock of exposures arising from the data-handling practices of third-party suppliers was never simple. Related: Europe requires corporate sustainability In a hyper-connected, widely-distributed operating environment the challenge has become daunting. At RSAC 2024, I visited with Paul Valente, co-founder and CEO of VISO TRUST. We had a wide-ranging discussion about the limitations of traditional … Read more

News Alert: Criminal IP unveils innovative fraud detection data products on Snowflake Marketplace

Torrance, Calif., June 10, 2024, CyberNewsWire — AI SPERA, a leader in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) solutions, announced that it has started selling its paid threat detection data from its CTI search engine ‘Criminal IP‘ on the Snowflake Marketplace. Criminal IP is committed to offering advanced cybersecurity solutions through Snowflake, the leading cloud-based data warehousing … Read more

RSAC Fireside Chat: Jscrambler levels-up JavaScript security, slows GenAI-fueled privacy loss

Could we be on the verge of Privacy Destruction 2.0, thanks to GenAI? Related: Next-level browser security That’s a question that spilled out of a thought-provoking conversation I had with Pedro Fortuna, co-founder and CTO of Jscrambler, at RSAC 2024. Jscrambler provides granular visibility and monitoring of JavaScript coding thus enabling companies to set and … Read more

RSAC Fireside Chat: Seclore advances ‘EDRM’ by aligning granular controls onto sensitive data

Digital rights management (DRM) has come a long way since Hollywood first recognized in the 1990s that it needed to rigorously protect digital music and movies. By the mid-2000s a branch called enterprise digital rights management (EDRM) cropped up to similarly protect sensitive business information. Today, businesses amass vast  amounts of business-critical data – at … Read more

RSAC Fireside Chat: Bedrock Security introduces advanced approach to “commoditize” data discovery

Business data today gets scattered far and wide across distributed infrastructure. Just knowing where to look – or even how to look – much less enforcing security policies, has become next to impossible for many organizations. At RSAC 2024, I visited with Pranava Adduri, co-founder and CEO of Bedrock Security which has just rolled out … Read more