RSAC Fireside Chat: LevelBlue launches, offers managed security services to bolster resiliency

SAN FRANCISCO – The already simmering MSSP global market just got hotter.

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This week at RSA Conference 2024, AT&T announced the launch of LevelBlue – a top-tier managed security services business formed by an alliance with AT&T and WillJam Ventures.

I had the chance to sit down earlier with Theresa Lanowitz, Chief Evangelist of  AT&T Cybersecurity /Agent at LevelBlue, to discuss this alliance. “Our job at Level Blue is to manage and mitigate these risks while supporting our clients’ growth and innovation while acting as a strategic extension of your team,” Lanowitz told me

For a full drill down, please give the accompanying podcast a listen.

LevelBlue today also released findings of the 2024Futures Report: Beyond the Cyber Resilience – first-of-its-kind thought leadership research based on a global survey of 1,050 IT and security professionals – examining barriers to cyber resilience, barriers to cybersecurity resilience, the threat landscape, and business agility.

Notably, the research suggests that while companies do understand that new computing innovation increases risk dramatically, organizations are willing to accept the risk because of the benefits the innovation brings.

AT&T Cybersecurity has long catered to large and mid-market enterprises. It’s 2018 acquisition of AlienVault reinforced its portfolio of endpoint detection and response, security operations center as a service (SOCaaS) and compliance management solutions.

WillJam Ventures is a Chicago-based private equity firm that specializes in cybersecurity investments. Founded in 2002 by Bob McCullen, its portfolio includes Viking Cloud, a supplier of PCI data security compliance solutions, and GoSecure, recognized for its Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) services.

Clearly the top-tier MSSPs —  Secureworks, IBM, Cisco, NTT, Verizon,  Symantec, Trustwave, Infosys, to name just a few —  are shifting to models that alleviate mounting compliance pressures and help companies mitigate cyber risk as the pace of change accelerates

Now comes LevelBlue adding to this mix. I’ll keep watch and keep reporting..


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