Navigating NIS2 requirements with Microsoft Security solutions

Navigating NIS2 requirements with Microsoft Security solutions

The Network and Information Security Directive 2 (NIS2) is a continuation and expansion of the previous European Union (EU) cybersecurity directive introduced back in 2016. With NIS2, the EU expands the original baseline of cybersecurity risk management measures and reporting obligations to include more sectors and critical organizations. The purpose of establishing a baseline of security measures for digital service providers and operators of essential services is to mitigate the risk of cyberthreats and improve the overall level of cybersecurity in the EU. It also introduces more accountability—through strengthened reporting obligations and increased sanctions or penalties. Organizations have until October 17, 2024, to improve their security posture before they’ll be legally obligated to live up to the requirements of NIS2. The broadened directive stands as a critical milestone for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our team at Microsoft is excited to lead the charge in decoding and navigating this new regulation—especially its impact on compliance and how cloud technology can help organizations adapt. In this blog, we’ll share the key features of NIS2 for security professionals, how your organization can prepare, and how Microsoft Security solutions can help. And for business leaders, check out our downloadable guide for high-level insights into the people, plans, and partners that can help shape effective NIS2 compliance strategies. 

NIS2 key features 

As we take a closer look at the key features of NIS2, we see the new directive includes risk assessments, multifactor authentication, security procedures for employees with access to sensitive data, and more. NIS2 also includes requirements around supply chain security, incident management, and business recovery plans. In total, the comprehensive framework ups the bar from previous requirements to bring: 

  • Stronger requirements and more affected sectors.
  • A focus on securing business continuity—including supply chain security.
  • Improved and streamlined reporting obligations.
  • More serious repercussions—including fines and legal liability for management.
  • Localized enforcement in all EU Member States. 

Preparing for NIS2 may take considerable effort for organizations still working through digital transformation. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

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NIS2 guiding principles guide

Get started on your transformation with three guiding principles for preparing for NIS2.

Proactive defense: The future of cloud security

At Microsoft, our approach to NIS2 readiness is a blend of technical insight, innovative strategies, and deep legal understanding. We’re dedicated to nurturing a security-first mindset—one that’s ingrained in every aspect of our operations and resonates with the tech community’s ethos. Our strategy for NIS2 compliance addresses the full range of risks associated with cloud technology. And we’re committed to ensuring that Microsoft’s cloud services set the benchmark for regulatory compliance and cybersecurity excellence in the tech world. Now more than ever, cloud technology is integral to business operations. With NIS2, organizations are facing a fresh set of security protocols, risk management strategies, and incident response tactics. Microsoft cloud security management tools are designed to tackle these challenges head-on, helping to ensure a secure digital environment for our community.  

NIS2 compliance aligns to the same Zero Trust principles addressed by Microsoft Security solutions, which can help provide a solid wall of protection against cyberthreats across any organization’s entire attack surface. If your security posture is aligned with Zero Trust, you’re well positioned to assess and help assure your organization’s compliance with NIS2. 

Diagram conveying the multiple cyber threats across an organizations entire attack surface.
Figure 1. Risks associated with securing an organizations external attack surface. 

For effective cybersecurity, it takes a fully integrated approach to protection and streamlined threat investigation and response. Microsoft Security solutions provide just that, with: 

  • Microsoft Sentinel – Gain visibility and manage threats across your entire digital estate with a modern security information and event management (SIEM). 
  • Microsoft XDR – Stop attacks and coordinate response across assets with extended detection and response (XDR) built into Microsoft 365 and Azure. 
  • Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence – Expose and eliminate modern threats using dynamic cyberthreat intelligence. 

Next steps for navigating new regulatory terrain 

The introduction of NIS2 is reshaping the cybersecurity landscape. We’re at the forefront of this transformation, equipping tech professionals—especially Chief Information Security Officers and their teams—with the knowledge and tools to excel in this new regulatory environment. To take the next step for NIS2 in your organization, download our NIS2 guiding principles guide or reach out to your Microsoft account team to learn more. 

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Author: Herain Oberoi