Connect with Microsoft at these cybersecurity events in 2024

In the cybersecurity industry, there are many events to choose from. You as a cybersecurity professional are left wondering which events are worth your time. Each year, Microsoft hosts and participates in numerous events focused on equipping security professionals of all levels with the knowledge, skills, and tools you need to elevate your cybersecurity approach and better understand AI.

Our upcoming 2024 events, including Microsoft Secure on March 13, 2024, will spotlight our product innovation and critical advantages that exist nowhere else: large-scale data and threat intelligence, end-to-end protection, and responsible AI.

Microsoft Secure

The online event is back for 2024 to present best practices, industry innovations, and product demonstrations to empower security teams.

A quick view of Microsoft Security events designed for you

We’d love to see you at every event but know you have limited time and can’t attend them all. This blog post aims to give you clarity on which of our cybersecurity events and third-party events deserve your RSVP based on your interests and role. 

Microsoft Security’s presence  Format Date What you can expect
Microsoft Secure  Digital March 13, 2024  For security teams and leaders, Microsoft Secure is Microsoft’s security-only, digital event focused on product innovations across our portfolio. 
Microsoft Secure Tech Accelerator  Digital April 3, 2024 For users looking to skill up on our product innovations, the Microsoft Secure Tech Accelerator gives you detailed training.
Microsoft AI Tour  In-person, worldwide locations Multiple dates through April 2024  For executives, the Microsoft AI Tour is coming to major cities to help you optimize AI’s potential in security. Get one-on-one opportunities with Microsoft Security executives and product leaders.  
RSA Conference Microsoft Pre-Day  In-person, Las Vegas May 5, 2024  For security teams and leaders, RSAC is the industry event where we have the largest presence. Our Microsoft RSAC Pre-Day offers access to product experts demoing the latest innovations across the Microsoft Security portfolio.  
Identiverse  In-person May 28 to 31, 2024  For security teams, Microsoft Security offers technical sessions and how-tos of our latest in identity management. 
Microsoft Build In-person and digital Spring/summer 2024 For developers and IT professionals, Microsoft Build is where you learn about implementing cybersecurity and Microsoft Security products. 
Black Hat USA  In-person, Las Vegas August 3 to 8, 2024  For security teams, Black Hat USA features the latest in threat intelligence and threat research from Microsoft Security. 
Microsoft Ignite In-person and digital Fall 2024 For all security professionals, Microsoft Ignite is our global security event of the year—in-person and digital—where you can get hands-on training, labs, and meet with product experts. 

Keep reading for a deeper dive into which events are right for you. 

For everyone: Showcasing our latest technology innovations at the year’s key events

Microsoft Security leaders and product experts always debut our most impressive innovations at our premiere events—Microsoft Secure (digital) and Microsoft Ignite (in-person and digital). These events provide content and product innovation for security professionals of all levels.

  • Microsoft Secure: Register for our second annual Microsoft Secure on March 13, 2024. The two-hour, digital showcase focuses on sharing our latest technology innovations and use cases to empower security teams. Through the keynote and demos, you’ll gain product knowledge to inspire and inform your cybersecurity efforts.
  • Microsoft Ignite: Join us for Microsoft’s annual user conference, coming in the fall of 2024. The conference covers a wide range of technology topics and aims to help you learn and find solutions to your security challenges. The in-person security experience both for leaders looking for strategic insights and practitioners looking for hands-on guidance. If you only have one opportunity per year—save it and join us for Microsoft Ignite.

For security teams: Product training to help you as you support your organizations

Security teams are the heroes of their organizations and we host many events to help you get more familiar with Microsoft Security products you use daily. After Microsoft Secure and Microsoft Ignite, dive deeper into the “how” of our technology with hands-on training.

  • Microsoft Secure Tech Accelerator: Tech accelerator is designed for security teams using our products daily. At the April 3, 2024, Tech Accelerator, you will learn technical information to guide you as you implement Microsoft Copilot for Security, see demonstrations, learn how to secure your AI, and ask our product team questions. RSVP today.

We don’t just host our own events. We meet you where you are, too. This year, you can catch us at:

  • RSA Conference: Join us at Microsoft Pre-Day to kick off RSA Conference 2024 on Sunday, May 5, 2024, in San Francisco, where Microsoft leaders, like Vasu Jakkal and Charlie Bell will be on site. Learn how security and IT professionals can skill up, collaborate more, see more, and respond faster with generative AI within Microsoft Copilot for Security.
  • Identiverse: Connect with Microsoft identity experts from May 28 to 31, 2024, in Las Vegas for more on securing access for any trustworthy identity, anywhere, to any apps or resources in any cloud or on-premises, with unified identity and network access solutions.
  • Black Hat USA: Threat researchers and analysts can learn about all things Microsoft threat protection at Black Hat from August 3 to 8, 2024, in Las Vegas.  

In between our major events, you have numerous learning options, from ask-me-anythings to webinars. Our one-day technical workshops also offer training on a wide range of topics, including ​configuring security operations using Microsoft Sentinel and threat defense strategies.

For security leaders: Equipping you to transform your security approach 

Chief information security officers, executives, and other decision makers have many opportunities to hear perspectives to formulate your security strategies and guide your teams toward business objectives. As we mentioned, Microsoft Secure on March 13, 2024, and Microsoft Ignite in the fall will provide executive-focused content designed to help you lead. Other events provide smaller settings for you to engage with Microsoft Security product leaders: 

  • Microsoft AI tour: Introduced in 2023, the Microsoft AI Tour brings Microsoft Security to major cities around the world. Open to business leaders, these one-day events are designed for them to meet one-on-one with Microsoft Security executives and product leaders (signups available) and learn strategies on how to harness the potential of AI across your organization’s tech stack. Our remaining tour stops include Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Paris, France; and São Paulo, Brazil.
  • RSA Conference: If you’re attending RSA Conference 2024, join us at Microsoft Pre-Day on Sunday May 5, 2024, to learn how your security teams can go beyond individual expertise and protect more with AI-powered solutions. We’ll be kicking off the conference with insights from Microsoft leaders, including Vasu Jakkal and Charlie Bell, and early access to the latest innovations in Microsoft Security through sessions, Q&A, and networking. Secure your spot today.     

For developers, IT professionals and other unintended cybersecurity advocates

The cybersecurity talent shortage is requiring many to step up even if cybersecurity isn’t in their official job description. If you are an IT professional being tasked with cybersecurity or someone with an eagerness to learn cybersecurity tactics, join our Microsoft events aimed at helping you uplevel your cybersecurity skills.

Two Microsoft events in particular deliver educational experiences in cybersecurity.

  • Microsoft Build: Microsoft Build, coming later this spring, provides a full catalog of sessions targeted at developers and DevSecOps pros to help you learn how to build into and leverage security baked into your products.
  • Microsoft Ignite: Microsoft Ignite includes in-person Learn Labs, which are intensive training sessions on a variety of cybersecurity approaches, and online, interactive resources that you can access afterward.

For partners: Strengthening our cybersecurity partnerships

We couldn’t achieve what we do—and neither could customers—without the expertise of our partners. We are united in our desire to help customers overcome cybersecurity challenges. We encourage you to connect with us at any of the previously mentioned events as well as at Microsoft Inspire, our flagship partner conference, coming summer 2024.

Connect with us at an event (or two or three) this year

We value your participation at these events—we learn as much from you as you learn from us.​ Whether you’re a security team member, a business decision maker, a partner, or an IT team member, there’s a Microsoft event that can make your job easier. Register now for Microsoft Secure for the insights, engagement, and inspiration shared at the premiere cybersecurity event of the year. And bookmark this page to see your top event options in one place. Hope to see you at a future event!

To learn more about Microsoft Security solutions, visit our website. Bookmark the Security blog to keep up with our expert coverage on security matters. Also, follow us on LinkedIn (Microsoft Security) and X (@MSFTSecurity) for the latest news and updates on cybersecurity.

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Author: Benjamin Lim