RSAC Fireside Chat: Bedrock Security introduces advanced approach to “commoditize” data discovery

Business data today gets scattered far and wide across distributed infrastructure.

Just knowing where to look – or even how to look – much less enforcing security policies, has become next to impossible for many organizations.

At RSAC 2024, I visited with Pranava Adduri, co-founder and CEO of Bedrock Security which has just rolled out its AI Reasoning (AIR) Engine to help solve this problem in a bold new way.

The start-up leverages serverless architectures to discover patterns in large datasets and then maps out data boundaries without having to examine every single data point.

This “commoditization” of data discovery, as Adduri puts it, slashes the cost of data discovery at scale. For instance, Amazon’s AWS Macie service charges around $1,000 per terabyte for data discovery, or $1 million per petabyte, Adduri told me.

By contrast, he says, Bedrock’s patented “adaptive sampling” technology can scan 16 petabytes of data for just $2,000. Their system then superimposes a dynamic heat map to categorize the data “neighborhoods” based on sensitivity at any given moment.

“We come at it from big data background,” Adduri says. “Step one is you have to keep track of all the stuff that’s happening; step two is you have to make sense of it; and step three is you have to constantly remediate.”

Bedrock secured a $10 million seed investment led by Greylock Partners and it has a growing portfolio of customers reporting strong results, Adduri says.

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