Keeper Security Announces Partnership with St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute

Today, password pros Keeper Security have announced a partnership with St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute (St. Anna CCRI), a renowned Austrian healthcare institution based in Vienna. St. Anna CCRI is a renowned paediatric cancer research institute. Keeper will provide the Austrian institute with secure password management to fortify their digital credential security. This achievement exhibits a significant step forward in ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of critical research data in the fight against paediatric cancer.

The evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats underscores the essential requirement for pre-emptive data security measures, especially in the healthcare sector, to protect valuable digital assets. Confronted with substantial difficulties in overseeing and securing digital credentials using their outdated password management system, St. Anna CCRI sought the assistance of Keeper. Renowned for its state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions and proficiency in password management, Keeper aimed to enhance the performance of the existing system. The primary objectives included improving user adoption, enhancing visibility and administrator controls, fortifying security measures, and optimising overall operational efficiency in their collaborative environment.

Protecting more than ten million individuals and tens of thousands of businesses worldwide, the opportunity to work with St. Anna CCRI directly aligned with Keeper’s mission to protect individuals and organisations from the most dangerous and pervasive cybersecurity threats. This mission took on even greater meaning and importance with an organisation such as St. Anna CCRI that is working tirelessly to advance healthcare solutions for children. 

“Keeper is honoured to play a vital role in fortifying the digital credentials that drive critical cancer research at St. Anna CCRI,” said Darren Guccione, CEO and Co-founder of Keeper Security. “Our secure password management solutions are designed to empower organisations with the tools they need to protect sensitive data and focus on their core missions.”

Through its implementation of Keeper’s password management platform, St. Anna CCRI experienced enhanced security measures, streamlined access control, and boosted user adoption.

The collaboration between Keeper and St. Anna CCRI stands as a testament to the power of innovative cybersecurity solutions in advancing critical missions. The strides made in enhancing data security, streamlining access controls and improving overall system performance underscore the commitment to excellence shared by both entities. 

Last week, Keeper Security announced their intention to give businesses and consumers more control over the use of security keys, through additional support for hardware security keys as sole 2FA method.

The full case study can be found here: St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute Enables Secure Password Management.

The post Keeper Security Announces Partnership with St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute first appeared on IT Security Guru.

The post Keeper Security Announces Partnership with St. Anna Children’s Cancer Research Institute appeared first on IT Security Guru.

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