ISC2 Announces Major Milestone as Community Grows to Half a Million Strong

ISC2 Announces Major Milestone as Community Grows to Half a Million Strong

The world’s leading nonprofit member organization for cybersecurity professionals, formerly known as (ISC)², has today announced that it is now ISC2 to reflect its growing global membership and expanded role in strengthening the influence, diversity and vitality of cybersecurity professionals around the world.

Coinciding with the rebrand, ISC2 is proud to unveil its newly revamped website, designed to embody inclusivity and cater to a diverse global audience. The reimagined website provides individuals the opportunity to easily access tailored resources to fuel their professional development journey. These milestones coincide with ISC2 announcing that its community has grown to more than 500,000, a significant achievement for the association, which was founded in 1989 as a certification body for the cybersecurity profession.

Since 2020, ISC2 has experienced record growth in its global community through its focus on attracting more people from diverse backgrounds into the profession, supporting their career growth and advocating for their interests worldwide.

A cornerstone of this growth is ISC2’s One Million Certified in Cybersecurity initiative that commits to building a diverse and skilled cybersecurity workforce pipeline and shrinking the global workforce gap of 3.4 million professionals. Since launching 11 months ago, ISC2 has enrolled more than 250,000 individuals in the Certified in Cybersecurity entry-level certification training and more than 310,000 as ISC2 Candidates. Other growth drivers include ISC2’s strong commitment to advocacy and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to provide a voice for ISC2 members and the cybersecurity profession among policymakers around the world, as well as to improve the accessibility of cybersecurity careers.

Originally founded to develop a program and common body of knowledge for the certification of cybersecurity professionals, ISC2 has expanded its range of offerings to meet the needs of its diverse and global community. ISC2 is equipped to support professionals throughout their careers with lifelong learning, as well as advocate for the continued growth, ethical best practices, and health of the profession. Today, professionals can benefit from ISC2’s premier cybersecurity certifications and training, as well as continued education resources for members to gain and maintain competencies, such as Skill-Builder courses and Certificates.

“ISC2 remains the profession’s most distinguished certification provider while charting a transformative path that is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and diverse cybersecurity community,” said Clar Rosso, CEO, ISC2. “As our community has surpassed the remarkable milestone of 500,000 members, current and future members remain at the heart of what we do and know that we are here to walk alongside them through every step of their careers. While we’re forward-looking in our vision, we also recognize, with gratitude, the huge legacy and influence of our founders, past colleagues and members, who have made ISC2 the success that it is today.”

“ISC2’s purpose is to bring more people from diverse backgrounds into cybersecurity, help them achieve professional excellence, and career growth and advocate for their interests around the world. Our brand has to represent that mission for both our current and future membership, embodying the inclusive, global association we are today.  Our research shows that more than half our members call us ISC2 already, so the transition is already happening,” said Andrew Woolnough, EVP Communications, Content and Brand, ISC2. “Our guiding principles have been to take the core of ISC2’s market-leading certifications and create a brand identity around them that speaks to inclusion and accessibility.  We are reinforcing that through our redesigned website, which promotes more inclusive language and imagery, makes it easier for candidates and members to find what they are looking for, and removes friction at critical points in their journey. We want everyone to see themselves in ISC2.”

The rebrand includes the name change from (ISC)² to ISC2 to improve global accessibility and ease translation across all languages.

Learn more about ISC2 via the new website here: www.isc2.org/

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