SoSafe Pioneers Personalised Approach to Awareness Training

Security awareness and training company SoSafe has announced the launch of the next-generation of personalised learning. The news was revealed at their Human Firewall Conference earlier this week. This latest innovation aims to make secure behaviour second nature for humans.  SoSafe’s personalisation engine multiplies the learning effect while saving up to 30% of time investment of employees.
Users are set to benefit from a data-driven individualised learning journey, receiving targeted content that addresses their unique risk profiles, to ensure a deeper understanding and engagement with cybersecurity concepts.
A personalised approach to cybersecurity awareness training may be a refreshing alternative to standardised training, considering that awareness training remains a significant challenge for management teams across all industries. However, it’s vitally important, especially as research shows that human error is a leading factor of breaches. For many organisations, it can be hard to identify what training needs to be delivered, who needs to be trained, and how people can be engaged best.
Dr. Niklas Hellemann, Psychologist and CEO at SoSafe noted: “Psychological research underscores the unmatched potential of personalised learning for lasting learning success and behavioural transformation. We’ve always had this vision of personalised, adaptive learning at the core of our product – what we are releasing today is the first step in what we believe will be a revolution in the world of security awareness and corporate training in general. With this, we follow our goal to build strong ‘security instincts’ so that making secure decisions becomes second nature to everyone. It is a comprehensive and deep process of changing individuals’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes regarding cybersecurity.”
SoSafe’s training begins with a comprehensive initial survey, capturing data on user work habits, equipment, and working environment. In addition, SoSafe announces upcoming integrations with leading Human Resources Information Systems, including Workday, SAP, and Personio, significantly bolsters the data foundation for personalised learning.
This insight-driven approach ensures content delivery through a personalised learning engine tailored to each user’s unique risk profile with a steadfast goal: Bridging the knowledge gap promptly, internalising secure behaviour and maintaining consistent learning levels using only essential content across SoSafe’s multi-channel awareness platform. Additionally, a redesigned learning interface offers a streamlined yet engaging user experience, guiding learners to their next lessons without visual clutter.
Goncalo Gaiolas, CPO at SoSafe: “IT Security leaders are struggling because corporate training can be resource-intense, often without firm proof of success. They are under pressure to be compliant with increased regulations while employees are not motivated to do existing training. We are committed to changing this: SoSafe is the only cyber security awareness platform that offers full user personalisation, enabling us to empower employees to have strong security instincts at two times the speed of regular security awareness training. And this is only the beginning. Further releases are planned soon, that embed personalised learning more and more at the core of our product.”
Alternative approaches to cybersecurity awareness training have long been a topic of conversation for cybersecurity professionals. As organisation’s strive for innovative approaches to training (KnowBe4’s Inside Man big-budget web series, for example), it’s evidently more vital than ever that leaders sit up to the idea of revolutionising awareness given the increased sophistication of threats.

The post SoSafe Pioneers Personalised Approach to Awareness Training first appeared on IT Security Guru.

The post SoSafe Pioneers Personalised Approach to Awareness Training appeared first on IT Security Guru.

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