Meet This Year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Nominees: Part 2

The nominations for the Most Inspiring Women in Cyber awards are out! It’s always wonderful to read about the incredible women in our industry, who are making fantastic contributions and paving the way for others. This year we had so many exceptional nominees.

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In no particular order, here is PART 2 of the 2024 shortlist along with snippets of what their nominators had to say about them!

Nikki Robinson, STSM/Lead Security Architect, IBM

Dr. Nikki Robinson is a Security Architect with IBM and serves as an Adjunct Professor for Capitol Technology University. Her research is focused on blending psychology and cybersecurity. She has a background in IT Operations and Engineering and moved into the Security field several years ago. Her areas of expertise are in vulnerability management, security architecture and design, as well as integrating human factors into security engineering practices. Dr. Robinson holds two doctorate degrees from Capitol Tech: Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) in Cybersecurity and Ph.D. in Human Factors, as well as several industry certifications (CISSP, CEH, MCITP, etc). She is also an Advisory Board Member for the Center for Women in Cyber at Capitol Tech.

“Nikki continues to provide an example for young women in this industry that they can do anything they want and be anything they want. They can have a family, work, achieve whatever level of education they want, all while still being a powerful force in the community. She encourages other women in the industry to be bold, keep pushing, and never accept no as an answer.”  


Jurgita Lapienytė, Chief Editor at CyberNews

Jurgita’s mission is to bring the most complicated cybersecurity topics to a broader audience, secretly hoping that more and more people will find themselves chatting about ransomware over dinner. Before joining Cybernews, Jurgita spent over a decade in business journalism. Her investigative pieces have brought more justice and transparency to the transport, showbiz, retail, and catering sectors.

“As the chief editor of the cybersecurity online publication, Jurgita is an example of successful female leadership. Jurgita’s dedication to educating the public on cybersecurity aligns perfectly with her mission to spread awareness and understanding of intricate topics in the field, hoping that more and more people will talk about ransomware over dinner.” 


Valeen Oseh-Ovarah Founder and CEO of TISOVA

Through her cybersecurity start-up, TisOva, not only is she creating technological solutions but also fostering awareness and empowerment within student communities across the UK. Her commitment to making a positive impact in cybersecurity broadly, but also for women and the younger generation, makes Valeen an inspiring figure in the industry, deserving of recognition and celebration.

“Her three best attributes are her doggedness, impact-driven mindset, and passion. Her resilience fuels the determination to overcome challenges, while her commitment to impact drives Valeen to make a positive difference in the lives of others regardless of location. Passion is at the core of everything she does. Her unwavering dedication to her work and causes reflects these attributes, shaping me into a dynamic individual who leaves a lasting impact in both cybersecurity and broader spheres.”

Anna Rowe, Founder of Catch the Catfish and Co-Founder of LoveSaid

Having been targeted by a scammer, Anna has campaigned to make online dating safer for all. Anna has provided support and education for over 5 years for victims of online initiated emotional fraud. Anna’s actions help those affected by cybercrime in this way. LoveSaid aims to educate and empower individuals to make informed cyber decisions. 

“Anna and Love Said taken cyber training outside of the classroom/office. Their support and advice helps people in their personal time, bridging a gap between classic awareness training and victim support. They’re striving to remove blame from victims and safeguard against attacks. Alongside Co-Founder Cecile, she is campaigning for dating apps to do better when it comes to safeguarding app users.”

Cecilie Fjellhoy, Co-Founder of LoveSaid

Cecilie Fjellhoy is an inspiration to audiences around the world as she first came into the public eye when coming forward with her cheating story, widely recognised as the Tinder Swindler case. With over 200 countries viewing her story on the popular Netflix series, she aims to utilise her admirable reputation to help support others who have been through a similar situation and educate society on the dangers of online scamming. Now the proud Co-Founder of LoveSaid CIC, Cecilie has developed a remarkable career and is now highly sought-after to share her expertise with audiences at speaking events.

“Cecilie is always happy to sit down and talk about her mission. She’s exceptionally driven and down to earth. I am truly inspired by her mission of making it safer for people to date online, holding sites accountable and making real change. She has changed the way I personally look at fraud and online scams. She’s also great at fostering community.”


Camellia Chan, CEO and Co-Founder of Flexxon

Camellia Chan is the CEO and founder of X-PHY, a Flexxon brand. Since its inception in 2007, Camellia has grown Flexxon into an international business with a presence in over 50 cities. With Camellia’s passion for innovation and tech for good, Flexxon continues to expand its essential suite of cybersecurity services through its flagship X-PHY brand.

“Camellia is a leader who embodies servant leadership. She is always trying to better herself, those around her and the industry as a whole. Yet, with all the accomplishments under her belt, she remains humble, personable, and authentic. 2023 was an extremely hectic year for her and Flexxon, as she set up the company’s new corporate and R&D office in the US. She did this while leading the engineering and research efforts for the company’s two new solutions, giving her time and guidance to all aspects of the business. I find her to be inspirational on a daily basis, for the largest and smallest aspects of business and life.” 

Sophie Powell, Co-Founder of CyberWomen

Sophie Powell is a Graduate from the University of Warwick in Cyber Security and is currently working with CyberFort Group in a rotational role. Her interests lie with OSINT techniques and its effects on individuals and businesses, which was the speciality of her dissertation on her undergraduate degree. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of CyberWomen Groups C.I.C, which is a community built to inspire learning, networking, and positive change towards diversity in STEM subjects.

“Sophie is a true champion of women in the industry, which I find incredibly exciting. She did most of the work as a student herself! She’s grown it to four branches at unis across the country.”

Jasmine Eskenzi, CEO and Co-Founder of The Zensory 

Jasmine has been at the forefront of a global cyber mindfulness movement! She’s a champion of wellbeing in cyber and on a battle against burnout. The Zensory app has been developed by Jasmine and team specifically to help users boost their mood and avoid burnout. The app has been piloted by huge corporations, including one of Africa’s biggest banks, and the results have found that mindfulness reduced phishing, which is pretty revolutionary! 

“Jasmine is genuinely determined to help make cyber a healthier place for all. She’s responded to a real problem that isn’t getting better. Action is important!  She leaves lasting change that goes beyond people’s jobs. She helps people’s lives and in some cases, may even save them.”

Jade Eskenzi, COO of The Zensory

Jade is pretty exceptional and works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that cyber wellbeing is being taken seriously. She’s at the forefront of a global cyber mindfulness movement and yet she’s not one to shout about her involvement! 

Jade and The Zensory team are on a mission to reduce burnout in cybersecurity. The Zensory app has been developed specifically to help users boost their mood and avoid burnout. The app has been piloted by huge corporations, including one of Africa’s biggest banks, and the results have found that mindfulness reduced phishing. 

“Exceptionally humble, compassionate, driven, Jade is always genuinely looking for ways to make the industry (and beyond) better.” 

Teresa Rothaar, GRC Analyst at Keeper Security

Teresa Rothaar is a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) analyst at Keeper Security. In this role, she spearheads employee cybersecurity awareness training; maintains the company’s RFP response library; creates and maintains internal security policies; develops automated GRC processes to achieve robust risk management and compliance results; performs external vendor risk assessments; and facilitates third-party certification audits.

“Teresa has a story, like many of us, where she seemed to land in cybersecurity and thrived in the industry. Prior to attending university, she’d worked as a general copywriter. Teresa decided to keep leaning on copywriting skills and began offering technical copywriting services as a freelancer. This opened up a side door into the tech industry and, ultimately, cybersecurity.”


Lottie MacCallum, Head of Marketing at Trident Search
​​As Head of Marketing at Trident Search, Lottie supports the brand through developing marketing communications and delivering events to attract and drive candidate and client engagement.

With seven years of marketing experience across a range of industry sectors, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our marketing processes and will help to drive growth and development in line with the company’s vision.

“Lottie has fully immersed herself in the industry and it’s constantly creating events that brings the community together. Events that foster innovation through diversity and collaboration. She is an exceptionally hard worker and puts her job first … she is one of few who genuinely cares about her output and the effect she has in the industry. Lottie works tirelessly to deliver the best work across the organisation. From overall branding of trident search to personalised marketing for each individual brand for our consultants. She also hosts, organises and delivers cyber events monthly without fail.” 


Desiree Young, Executive EVP of Global Partnerships & Strategic Innovation, ThriveDX

Desiree D. Young has more than 20 years of experience in higher education in credit and non-credit learning environments. She worked with a private college as the director of education for seven years. Young managed and developed associates and bachelor-level degree programs. For the past 14 years, Young was the executive director of programs and enrolment management at the University of Miami. She created, implemented, and managed professional certificate programs and corporate/customized training. 

*Desiree is the most inspirational mentor and leader. She is a prime example of the person we all strive to be. She reaches out to others to uplift them and fills us with hope for the endless possibilities we can achieve through her example. Desiree does this with much humility and selflessness.


Kadesha Henry, Teacher at Kadhack

Dr. Kadesha Henry is a prominent figure in the field of cybersecurity, known for her extensive expertise and contributions. As the owner of “KADHACK,” a distinguished cybersecurity consulting firm and training school, she has been at the forefront of safeguarding digital landscapes. Her impressive academic journey and professional accomplishments speak volumes about her dedication to the field.

“Kadesha Henry’s significant contributions as a cyber teacher, CEO, AI master teacher, and author make her a deserving candidate for recognition, as she exemplifies excellence, leadership, and dedication in the field of cybersecurity education and innovation.”


Helen Patton, Strategic Cybersecurity Advisor at CISCO

With more years working in the Security, Risk, Privacy and Resiliency professions than she cares to say, Helen Patton advocates using information risk, security and privacy to enable the mission of organizations and to support society at large. Helen is an Advisory CISO at Duo Security (now Cisco), where she shares security strategies with the security community. Previously she was the CISO at The Ohio State University where she was awarded teh ISE North American Academic/ Public Sector Executive of the Year, and an Executive Director at JPMorgan Chase. Helen actively encourages collaboration across and within industries to enable better information security and privacy practices. She believes in improving diversity and inclusion in the workforce, and mentors people interested in pursuing careers in security , privacy and risk management.

“In summary, Helen Patton is not just a cybersecurity professional; she is a catalyst for positive change, a mentor, and a champion for diversity, making her a truly inspiring figure in the cybersecurity community. Her advocacy for more “naps” and aversion to “bagpipes” adds a delightful touch to her vibrant and impactful personality and makes me smile!” 


Iretioluwa Akerele, Co-Founder of CyBlack

Iretioluwa is the Co-Founder of CyBlack, a non-profit that’s on a mission to build and support the next generation of black cybersecurity talent. She has mentored and supported many students, launching them into careers in cybersecurity.

“Iretioluwa is a shooting star.  One that is guiding millions to secure this dark world.” 


Rosie Anderson, Head of Strategic Solutions at Th4ts3cur1ty Company

She’s been hailed as the ‘unofficial Angel of the North’ because of her commitment to the community of cybersecurity practitioners in the North. She organises local meet ups, has arranged not one but three BSides events and is also a member of the CAPSLOCK community. 

“She’s constantly looking for ways to help people, whilst excelling in her career and always learning. All with the cheeriest disposition, and an infectious passion to do good in the world.” 


Laketta Hawkins, Leader of an Inclusive Workforce Enablement Team in the Security and Trust Organisation at CISCO

Laketta has made significant contributions to the cybersecurity community through her role as the Talent Planning Program Manager and Leader of the Inclusive Workforce Enablement Team at CISCO. Her innovative ideas have transformed programs into award-winning initiatives with a global impact. 

“Laketta’s ability to connect with individuals, identify their unique talents, and foster collaboration is a standout attribute. She brings people together, creating a supportive and inclusive environment and is able to help others see talent, skill and ability that the individual didn’t see before.”  


Charlotte Smith, Skills Growth Lead and Cyberfirst Regional Engagement Lead at CyNam

Charlotte works for Cyber Cheltenham (CyNam), a not-for-profit Community Interest Company based in Cheltenham. The goal of CyNam is to bring together the best technology minds from local SME’s and Startups to fully harness the rich cyber security ecosystem that flourishes around Cheltenham, the home of the National Technical Authority for Information Security, GCHQ. Charlotte has also worked tirelessly to promote the Cyberfirst for Schools Programme with high schools and colleges. 

“Her level of passion and enthusiasm hold no bounds embracing technical experts and non tech to better the sector as a whole.”


Nicola Huskie, Chief Commercial Officer at i-Confidential

Nicola has moved up in seniority through several roles and is now the Chief Commercial Officer for i-confidential, which is a cyber and risk consulting company.  She previously headed up the Talent Acquisition Team. i-confidential is an employee-owned company and Nicola has been nominated by the company’s employees to be their representative on the Board of our Employee Ownership Trust. Nicola has committed her time and her team to understanding the diversity challenges facing the cyber security industry.  Nicola is also working with Saturday School to form a STEM education funding partnership. 

“Nicola is helping to change perceptions of who is in the industry and the career pathways available.” 


Natasha Harley, People and Culture Manager at Cyber Chain Alliance

Natasha has a career of helping individuals find their dream career in cybersecurity, and is now responsible for people and culture within a cybersecurity business. She is also a lead mentor with Capslock, and gives her time freely to help others into the industry. She also (Co-Founded and previously served as VP of) WiCyS UK & Ireland Affiliate. 

“I am inspired by how she helps people find their first roles in cyber, inspiring others, and helping businesses to build inclusive practises.”


Kayleigh Sallows, Product Manager, at ISMS.online

For the past four years, Kayleigh has been product manager for ISMS.Online’s information security SaaS product. She consistently volunteers to speak at company events to encourage other women to step up and join the conversations. She has helped craft and talk on our webinar series, including a highly popular webinar on supply chain security, in which she also delivered a live demo. 

“The care and ethics emerging in Kayleigh’s work hold promise for her continued impact as her cybersecurity career progresses. Her achievements to date as an inspiring woman showcase intellect and values vital for the next generation. I sincerely believe Kayleigh deserves recognition to fuel her future contributions with this encouragement.”


Jinal Patel, Security Engineer 2 at Amazon

Jinal completed a Masters degree in computer software engineering at Arizona State University. After graduating she started work as a Security Engineer at Amazon, where she has worked for over three and a half years. She also mentors others, imparting knowledge and wisdom on those entering the industry.

“Jinal’s contributions through mentorship are what truly inspire everyone. By taking the time to impart her knowledge and experience, she has strengthened security culture industry-wide. The ripple effects of her work to foster others’ success will help safeguard our community’s future resilience.”


Yemurai Rabvukwa, Cyber Security Specialist/Influencer at SB Content LTD

Yemurai is a dynamic force at the intersection of Chemistry and Cyber Security, she stands as a trailblazer in navigating unconventional career paths. She’s a Chemistry graduate at the forefront of analysing cyber threats within the Financial Services. Yemurai is also the content creator behind the social media account STEM Babe on TikTok. Her brand STEM Babe aims to provide resources for people to get into the field of STEM/Tech and help share tips, advice, and resources for people to succeed in their career journeys, regardless of what career stage they are in. With over 55,000 followers across the brands various social media platforms, STEM Babe has shared opportunities for people across the world to kick start their careers within the corporate world. 

“Yemurai is a dynamic force at the intersection of Chemistry and Cyber Security, she stands as a trailblazer in navigating unconventional career paths.”


Jan Carroll, Managing Director at Fortify Institute

Jan Carroll is a Cybersecurity Lecturer and course creator at UCD Professional Academy. Jan founded Fortify Institute, with the aim to close the cyber skills gap by providing flexible cybersecurity training to professionals. Jan has a passion for teaching and mentoring and aims to bring more women and underrepresented groups into the security industry. 

“What is most inspirational about Jan is her unwavering dedication to making the digital world a safer place, not just through technological advancements but also by empowering individuals.” 


Ellie Calver, Cyber Security Apprentice at BT 

Coming from a background of limited knowledge in Cyber Security and Technology as a whole, Ellie has made significant strides in upskilling and becoming an early professional in the industry. Ellie continues to support in operational work, ensuring that key infrastructure is protected from malicious actors and keeping BT’s customers safe. Additionally she has not hesitated from getting involved with volunteering activities, promoting cyber security as a career to the next generation within both schools and scout groups.

“Coming from a group of friends that was made primarily up of girls I saw first hand how they believed that technology as a whole want an industry geared towards them. Ellie has managed to overcome this stereotype and has strived to become a professional in the industry, never letting her doubts get to her, continuing to show that cyber security is not a male orientated industry..”


Melissa Chambers, CEO and Co-Founder of Sitehop

Melissa is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sitehop, a company that delivers ultra-high speed, low latency, and high-grade cryptography solutions using FPGA hardware. With over 15 years of experience in founding and growing tech start-ups, a team of engineers and experts passionate about securing the backbone of the internet and communications. Sitehop has been selected as one of Yorkshire’s 50 Most Exciting Companies. 

“She set her sights high and knew she would have to work twice as hard to get there, but that only made her twice as good as those in the same position. The success she has felt and the difficulties she has surpassed are testament to her personal strength and are endlessly inspiring.” 


Holly Foxcroft, Head of Neurodiversity Consulting at Stott & May Consulting 

Holly is an experienced subject matter expert in neurodiversity, cyber crime, cyber security and mental health. She has over ten years experience in consulting and public speaking, leading and curating events, project management and business strategy.

“It’s hard to choose just one inspirational thing about Holly. It’s evident that she has done so much in the industry to make a difference. But above all, it is her passion for DEI and dedication to going above and beyond to make a difference. Few people possess the energy Holly has, and the cyber industry is very lucky to have her.”


Maril Vernon, Senior Application Security Architect at Aquila

Maril Vernon, known as the “One Woman Purple Team’,’ is an ethical hacker, co-founder and host of The Cyber Queens Podcast (recently acquired by Hackers in Heels), senior offensive security engineer and proven programme manager and pioneer in the purple teaming space — a niche in offensive security testing that has recently gained popularity demonstrating cyber resilience in the cyber threat landscape. Maril strives to make women’s voices heard.

“Maril is the future with her aspirations to improve the climate and increase accessibility and inclusion of women, encouraging authenticity and integration of each person’s unique talents.”


Stacey Champagne, Principal Cybersecurity Incident Response Lead, ASRC Federal/Hacker in Heels

Stacey Champagne is the founder & CEO of Hacker in Heels, a company on a mission to increase the number of women in cybersecurity and influence greater societal change. By transferring the skills she developed as a graphic designer to the increasingly important and lucrative field of cybersecurity, Stacey dramatically changed the trajectory of her life. Now she is helping others do the same through her community and programs that help women launch and grow six-figure careers in cybersecurity. She is also highly skilled in incident response and risk management.

“She is, in my opinion, the epitome of an inspiring and worthy practitioner to follow but also a voice on social issues.”


Jennifer Fernick, Senior Staff Security Engineer at Google

Jennifer is a computer scientist and Senior Staff Security Engineer at Google. She was previously the SVP & Global Head of Research at NCC Group, leading one of the largest and most prolific private-sector security research teams in the world, and was a founding Governing Board and Technical Advisory Committee member of the Open Source Security Foundation.

“Jennifer lives and breathes security and is passionate about using the scale of her influence to protect individuals’ privacy, security, and safety.” 


Zinet Kemal, Cloud Security Engineer at BestBuy, TEDx Speaker, 4x Author, LinkedIn Learning Instructor

Zinet Kemal is a woman of many talents, having changed career from the legal sector to cybersecurity. Zinet is also a TEDx speaker, an esteemed LinkedIn Learning instructor, and a 3x published award-winning children’s book author. She currently works for a Fortune 500 organization as a Cloud Security Engineer. Zinet is paving the way for the next generation of exceptional women in cyber.

“Through her words, Zinet empowers young minds to envision themselves as the cyber heroes of tomorrow.”


Samantha Humphries, Head of Security Strategy EMEA at Exabeam

Samantha has defined strategy for multiple security products and technologies, helped hundreds of organisations of all shapes, sizes, and geographies recover and learn from cyberattacks, and trained many people on security concepts and solutions. Samantha also set up the Embrace the Change event initiative to showcase women in leadership roles. 

“Sam’s love and passion for the industry is contagious.” 


Nicole Borbely, BISO Support at PwC

Nicole is an exceptional example of how skills can be transferable and how cybersecurity can be an industry for all. In the space of only three years, Nicole went from a career in jewellery to a full time BISO at a large consultancy firm. She also volunteers with the Biohacking Village to promote safe cybersecurity practices to healthcare manufacturers and workers. 

“Nicole always goes above and beyond to help people, not afraid to speak the truth, makes people feel confident and like they can achieve anything.”


Jasmine Gillard, Consultant Team Leader at Pentest People

Jasmine started her career as a cybersecurity consultant and now has been promoted to cybersecurity consultant team leader, managing and leading a team of seven consultants within just two years. Her skills as a penetration tester specialise in all areas of internal infrastructure. She is also a CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) and Registered Penetration Tester (CRT), plus a CHECK Team Member (CTM). She also works closely with Pentest People’s Academy to help train and upskill others. 

“Jasmine is passionate about helping other young women overcome imposter syndrome and the positive effects of mentorship – she also mentors the seven team members she manages.”


Zoe Mackenzie, Information Security Manager at TSG and Volunteer Co-President of WiCyS UK&I Affiliate

Zoe Mackenzie is an Information Security Specialist at TSG and the Vice-President of Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS) UK Affiliate. She has experience managing global vendor risk assessment programs and architecting risk platforms with a focus on automating and uniting business compliance and legal team processes. Zoe is an experienced public speaker and frequently talks on topics such as risk, strategy and cryptography. In her work at WiCyS UK Affiliate, she focuses on facilitating opportunities with strategic, media and corporate partners which result in the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the security field.

“Zoe has worked tirelessly to build a free to access, vibrant support community in the U.K. to amplify the mission of the WiCyS Global organisation, supporting the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in cyber. This year Zoe has rescued the Affiliate organisation, recruited and led a volunteer team, saving it from near collapse, and achieved 4x growth of its member base, exceeded its following to over 4000 and as a result has given hundreds of women free training, networking and development opportunities that for many have been career changing.”


Saja Aljulaud, Senior Information Security Analyst at Mastercard 

Saja is an up-and-coming senior cyber security analyst currently working for Mastercard. Saja has volunteered for multiple community groups such as the ISC2 London Chapter and WiCyS UK & Ireland Affiliate. As a Community Lead for WiCyS UKI she has pioneered multiple very successful marketing campaigns, built their new website from scratch and continues to engage the community by running the organisation’s Linkedin page. 

“Working with Saja is an absolute joy. She works brilliantly in our team but also gets a huge amount of initiatives off the ground herself without much help from others! She’s a treasure to our leadership team and I’m inspired by her every day.”


Agata Samojlowicz, Deputy Challenge Director (Digital Security by Design), UK Research and Innovation  

Agata has over 15-years of experience in commercial digital activity. She started her career with T-Mobile International in their global Content Team. After this, Agata worked for a number of innovative content developers and technology companies such as Disney, Capcom, Shazam and Tapjoy. Since August 2019, Agata has been Deputy Challenge Director at DSbD. Within this role, Agata has been actively advocating for the development of cybersecurity policies at a government level.

“Agata is a skilled Cyber Professional Leader who promotes Cyber career pathways and connects industry, academia and government for the benefit of future cyber resilience and supports the career pathway for cyber skills development and the drive towards the commercialisation and innovation of more secure products and services.”


 Mollie Chard, Head of Cyber Delivery at Capgemini 

Mollie has been working in security for 10 years and has progressed from an Information Systems Security Officer to the Head of Cyber Delivery managing a team of over 50 senior security managers and junior staff. She is an influencer in the cyber security space and a top Linkedin leadership voice with over 13k followers. She spends a huge amount of time paying it forward to her peers and those looking to get into the cyber security industry by writing fantastic resources on her Medium blog. Mollie also volunteers with the WiCyS UKI Affiliate leadership team as a Chief Advisor.

“I’m sure many people would be lost without her contributing resources to the industry!”


Helen Oluyemi, Information Security Manager at Pollinate International Limited

Helen has had a broad and varied career so far. In 2021, Helen volunteered as a facilitator and mentor with Cybergirls, a year-long fellowship program designed to equip African girls and women with globally recognised cybersecurity skills. Between May 2017 and March 2022, she worked with TechHaven as a Career Coordinator to provide free tech training for Africans looking to transition to a career in tech. Since May 2023, she has volunteered as a facilitator for Cloud Security with Cyblack. She’s also a WiCyS mentor. She is now working as an Information Security Manager at Pollinate International Limited.

“Helen’s unwavering passion for empowering women to start a career in cybersecurity, my commitment to bridging the gender gap in this field and my ability to inspire and mentor others and see them grow inspires me about myself.”


Kalyani Pawar, Application Security Expert at Zipline

Kalyani is an AppSec engineer at heart and navigating the dynamic world of startups. After working for a couple of Fortune 500 companies, she now works at a Series F unicorn called ZipLine and their focus is to secure drones and infrastructure. She’s also a proud mentor. 

“Kalyani’s dedication to using her skills for the greater good, from securing life-saving drone deliveries to empowering underrepresented communities in STEM, is profoundly inspirational. Her ability to balance high-level technical work with meaningful community engagement exemplifies the impact one individual can have on both the field of cybersecurity and society at large. Her work ethic, discipline and will power to always wanting to help people grow is not something I have encountered a lot.”


The post Meet This Year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Nominees: Part 2 first appeared on IT Security Guru.

The post Meet This Year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Nominees: Part 2 appeared first on IT Security Guru.

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