Armis forges ahead into Cyber Exposure Management as it readies for IPO

During a live-streamed even this week, Armis co-founders Yevgeny Dibrov and Nadir Izrael laid out the company’s vision for the future, which is centred around its newly announced AI-powered cyber exposure management platform dubbed Centrix™.


“In a perimeter-less world, where assets are digitally connected, traditional cybersecurity boundaries no longer exist. Legacy on-premises systems and point solutions are no longer fit for purpose, leaving your attack surface and most critical assets open and exposed to cyber criminals and multiple bad actors,” explained Nadir Izrael, CTO and Co-Founder, Armis. “The sheer scale and dynamic nature of the attack surface necessitates an entirely different, AI-driven approach, and that’s what Armis Centrix™ is – the AI that powers a suite of powerful tools for managing cyber risk exposure.”


It’s a strong message, particularly in light of recent cyberattacks like the one on MGM over the weekend. Addressing how organisations, especially larger ones, are still struggling to get cybersecurity right, Armis CISO Curtis Simpson emphasised that by 2025, the number of connected assets will grow to 50 billion.


“Even today, 80% of these assets remain unseen, unmanaged and lacking in any security measures,” he said.  “In parallel, vulnerabilities have also increased at a rate of 689% over the last 6 years.  Environments are now incredibly complex, hybrid environments with many forms of interconnected assets.  Attackers are now regularly taking advantage of this complexity to establish a foothold and then move through environments quietly, exploiting as many vulnerabilities on unseen assets as possible.”


Simpson also noted that due to this fast-changing and challenging situation, it is understandable to see organisations struggling to stay ahead. “The challenge is that everything from IoT, OT and physical / virtual IT devices are not only interconnected at scale, but the business use of such assets evolves constantly, as does the corresponding threat landscape.  The challenge is that when we consider capabilities like vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, the traditional security stack was not built with this degree of change and exponential growth of varying forms of interconnected assets,” he explained.


“Anything from an embedded vulnerability in a VOIP phone to an exposure in a cloud container can be used as a stepping-stone in today’s most material and subversive attacks,” Simpson continued.


He stated that this means that organisations must first focus on ensuring that they have continuous, contextual visibility into their entire attack surface. Simpson posited, “Next, based on this intelligence, surgically prioritise vulnerability mitigation and remediation based on the potential for material impact, not only the CVSS score.  From there, the continuous monitoring of all connected assets against their potential to materially disrupt the business becomes paramount.”


Ultimately, Simpson concluded, “the long-term successful approach to optimising resiliency and minimising the materiality of cyberattacks revolves around contextual asset intelligence that spans the entire connected landscape.”



Enter Armis Centrix™

Armis Centrix™ helps organisations see, protect and manage their entire attack surface, continuously safeguarding their mission-critical assets from cyber threats. Born in the cloud and fueled by AI, only Armis Centrix™ delivers a true modular approach to cyber exposure management covering the most critical cybersecurity needs for Armis clients across four solutions:

  • Asset management and securityComplete asset inventory of all asset types allowing any organisation to see and secure the attack surface
  • OT/IOT securitySee and secure OT/IOT networks and physical assets, ensure uptime and build an effective and comprehensive security strategy
  • Medical device securityComplete visibility and security for all medical devices, clinical assets and the entire healthcare ecosystem – with zero disruption to patient care
  • Vulnerability prioritisation and remediationConsolidate, prioritise and remediate all vulnerabilities; improve mean time to remediation (MTTR) with automatic remediation and ticketing workflows

Armis also shared that customers across the globe have been expanding their use of the Armis Platform with a 50% adoption rate of two solutions in the Armis portfolio and over 15% using three or more of its solutions in the past year.


Armis protects critical assets for notable companies

Some notable recent wins include Vestas, the leading manufacturer and service provider for sustainable wind energy in the world, Reckitt, the multinational consumer goods company, Booking Holdings, the world leader in online travel, the Port of Antwerp, the world’s largest cargo port and JLR, the biggest luxury vehicle manufacturer in the UK.


“As a leading manufacturer and service provider for sustainable wind energy, our customers require a high degree of security controls to meet regulatory requirements. We utilise Armis to detect and respond to threats and have worked extensively with Armis to shape the integration, so the product fits into our overall detect and response strategy. The insights provided by Armis have proven highly valuable in day-to-day operations again and again, and we are currently expanding our installation,” said Steffen Høgh Vinter, Director CMRC Enablement and Problem Management, Vestas


“When we started the program from a central cyber team, we had no visibility into our factory so every device was unseen. Now, with Armis deployed in half our factories, we’ve seen 10s of 1000s of devices that we didn’t know about before. Armis is allowing us to address three use cases: firstly, giving us that visibility that we didn’t have before. Secondly, allowing us to identify vulnerabilities, which allows us to de-risk our state.  And thirdly allows us to identify any unusual behavior that’s happening in our network,“ said David Boyd, Director of Cyber Strategy & Engagement at Reckitt.


“Armis is one of those inventions that simply needed to happen. It meets a foundational, unmet need in cybersecurity, namely the ability to “see all evil” (on the network) by discovering rogue devices and providing real time intelligence about their identity and condition. With Armis, there’s no need for an army of engineers or analysts to decipher complex systems and their signals,” said Spencer Mott, Chief Security Officer, Booking Holdings


Armis CEO and co-founder, Yevgeny Dibrov, concluded: “We focus on empowering businesses with asset intelligence and actionable plans so they can be assured that their infrastructure is safe and operational at all times. I measure our success not only in financial growth, but in the positive impact that the company is having on virtually all industries thanks to the trust that our customers have given us.”




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Author: Charley Nash