#MIWIC2024: Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK Education Ltd.

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Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK Education Ltd.

What does your job role entail?

CAPSLOCK is a reskilling bootcamp that supports people with no experience in cyber into a role in industry. Helping to run the business alongside my fellow co-founder. This involves wearing many hats from strategy development to practical day to day jobs in the classroom, and everything in between.

How did you get into the cybersecurity industry?

I used to be a software engineer. I was then a stay at home parent and did a degree in computer science as a mature student with 4 children. I then did a PhD in operations and got a role a a lecturer, developing an MSc in Cyber. This was 2004. I have been in cyber ever since.

What is one of the biggest challenges you have faced as a woman in the tech/cyber industry and how did you overcome it?

Being ignored and talked over can be a problem. I used to go very quiet when this happened but I now make sure I make myself heard. One of the biggest problems is a lack of diversity. We tackle that every day at CAPSLOCK but for me the biggest way to overcome this is through role modelling and making yourself visible.

What are you doing to support other women, and/or to increase diversity, in the tech/cyber industry?

It is part of everything we do. It is key to our strategy at CAPSLOCK. I also get involved in many events and talks at conferences and trade shows. I spend time with hiring managers and also work with businesses to see how they can hire diverse talent.

What is one piece of advice you would give to girls/women looking to enter the cybersecurity industry?

Do it – there is so much scope and opportunity. Get a mentor, identify your role models, join a community, find the right company, see yourself as a role model for others (this is sometimes a great way to overcome imposter syndrome and grow confidence).


The post #MIWIC2024: Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK Education Ltd. first appeared on IT Security Guru.

The post #MIWIC2024: Andrea Cullen, Co-Founder of CAPSLOCK Education Ltd. appeared first on IT Security Guru.

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Author: Charley Nash