Verimatrix Introduces New Website Security Integration

Verimatrix has recently announced the introduction of a novel website security solution, Verimatrix XTD Web Protect powered by Reflectiz. This unveiling took place during the Black Hat USA event last week. The development of these website-oriented security services has been made possible through a strategic collaboration with Reflectiz, a renowned cybersecurity firm. These services will be seamlessly integrated into the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform as part of the Extended Threat Defense (XTD) product lineup.

This innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering will complement Verimatrix’s existing array of mobile app security services, thereby expanding the scope of their threat identification and response capabilities.

Through Reflectiz’s cutting-edge technology, Verimatrix is now empowered to remotely and unobtrusively pinpoint and mitigate risks associated with third-party apps and open-source tools on any website. By utilizing advanced behavioral analysis, Reflectiz’s comprehensive continuous monitoring provides website owners with the assurance that their entire web supply chain is under proactive analysis and protection.

As Asaf Ashkenazi, CEO of Verimatrix, aptly stated, “This collaboration with Reflectiz represents a natural evolution for the Verimatrix XTD offering, broadening our capabilities to encompass websites that require continuous, high-level protection—much like their mobile app counterparts. We’re honored to be a silver sponsor of Black Hat USA, as this event provides the ideal platform to unveil our new partnership and the extended reach of XTD. By addressing the security needs of both mobile apps and websites, we are assuming an even greater role in assisting organizations in proactively identifying and mitigating risks before they can cause harm.”

Idan Cohen, Co-Founder & CEO of Reflectiz, further affirmed the significance of the partnership: “Reflectiz stands as a leader in web exposure management and is thrilled to collaborate with Verimatrix. Our solutions synergize seamlessly, offering comprehensive security for both web and mobile platforms. Reflectiz remains committed to spearheading web exposure management and enhancing our capabilities to stay ahead of emerging threats. Simultaneously, we are forging strong partnerships to furnish our customers with an even wider array of solutions.”

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