Quest Software Update

Quest Software, a systems management, data protection and security software, company, has announced what it calls its latest breakthrough in data management with the launch of erwin Data Modeler by Quest 12.5. Boasting cutting-edge features that enhance data quality, governance, and stakeholder collaboration, erwin Data Modeler 12.5 drives organisations towards data democratisation, facilitating strategic efforts such as AI Large Language Model (LLM) development, data intelligence and data platform modernisation.

Driving Innovation

Organisations that maintain mature data practices in support of their modernisation initiatives consistently realise better business outcomes. As enterprises increasingly adopt cloud-based data lakehouses, erwin Data Modeler 12.5 rises to the occasion with enhanced capabilities to support seamless data deployment. The solution meticulously documents existing data sets, facilitating accurate and efficient migration to new cloud environments, thereby optimising data operations and fostering data-driven innovation.

“While it has always been important, proven by erwin Data Modeler’s 30 years in the market, data modeling is now experiencing a resurgence in its role in ensuring unwavering data integrity and governance, making it a crucial aspect for precision-driven AI and other enterprise applications,” said Heath Thompson, General Manager at Quest Software. “In today’s data-driven landscape, where information can be a powerful advantage or a liability, organisations are increasingly embracing erwin solutions to democratise data access across their entire organisation, unlocking a myriad of untapped benefits.”

In the era of AI advancement, organisations are rapidly embracing Al Large language models (LLMs) for transformative applications. LLMs, however, are only as effective as the data underpinning them. erwin Data Modeler emerges as a pivotal tool to navigate the challenges of deploying LLMs effectively by creating a foundation of data accuracy, democratising access to data and increasing literacy and efficient communication among stakeholders. By empowering business analysts to define precise data requirements for AI model training, erwin Data Modeler creates accurate and well-formatted data sets that power reliable AI results.

Key Enhancements in erwin Data Modeler by Quest 12.5:

1. Stakeholder Collaboration with ER360 Integration: erwin Data Modeler fosters seamless communication among business, IT, and data teams with its integration with ER360, an online collaboration platform. This encourages data-driven decisions, enabling business users to grasp data models and align them with the right intelligence. Enterprise glossaries facilitate effective communication by describing business language associated with specific data sets.

2. Enhanced Governance with Databricks Unity Catalog Integration: erwin Data Modeler seamlessly integrates with Databricks Unity Catalog, amplifying its governance capabilities across diverse data lakehouse environments. Customers can effortlessly classify structured and unstructured data, define permissions, and identify performance issues, ensuring meticulous data governance.

3. Boosted Data Visibility and Literacy with erwin Data Intelligence Integration: Close collaboration between erwin Data Modeler and erwin Data Intelligence offers comprehensive visibility of data assets and guidelines for their usage. Consistent data policies and best practices are implemented, elevating model quality and data operations efficiency.

4. Ensuring Data Model Quality with Enterprise Modeling Compliance Feature: erwin Data Modeler users can build and customise policies designed to standardize and review documentation, verify data compliance and monitor metadata quality, helping data stewards increase the accuracy of, and reduce the time it takes to maintain, high-quality data models.

To explore what’s possible with erwin Data Modeler by Quest 12.5:

● Visit the erwin Data Modeler product page https://www.erwin.com/products/erwin-data-modeler/.

● Watch the “What’s New in erwin Data Modeler 12.5” video https://www.erwin.com/video/introducing-erwin-data-modeler-125/

● Register for the webinar on September 27, 2023 to experience erwin Data Modeler 12.5 and other major enhancements https://www.erwin.com/event/driving-data-maturity-through-governance-quality-and-collaboration-with-erwin-data-modeler-125-by-quest/.

● Visit the erwin website to learn more about the full data intelligence offering www.erwin.com

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