CyberSmart announces expansion into the Australian market with HAT Distribution partnership

CyberSmart, the UK’s leading provider of complete cyber confidence to UK SMEs has announced its partnership with Australian technology distributor, HAT Distribution. The partnership will provide businesses in Australia with fast, hassle-free Essential Eight assessment and year-round assurance.
CyberSmart is the world’s first complete SME solution, offering all-in-one cybersecurity monitoring, optimisation and training, proven to defend against cyber threats. With its user-friendly platform, simplified progression framework, year-round protection and unlimited support, implementing Essential Eight controls has never been easier for Australian businesses.
As cybercrime escalates in Australia, with 94,000 incidents reported in 2023* alone (equivalent to one report every 6 minutes!), completing Essential Eight – the recognised Australian government standard for cybersecurity – is not just advantageous but also crucial in certain industries. CyberSmart’s solutions are specifically designed to help businesses implement these strategies effectively so they can attain and maintain a government-approved standard of cybersecurity, reducing cyber risk.
The platform is tailored for MSPs and SMEs, who represent a critical segment in the economy but often face challenges with maintaining robust cyber defences due to limited resources and expertise. With CyberSmart, MSPs can enhance their service offerings by delivering comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to their clients, while SMBs gain access to straightforward Essential Eight assessment, without the need for extensive resources.
Australian SMEs will also gain access to CyberSmart Active Protect,  a powerful on-device agent that delivers comprehensive endpoint monitoring, risk management, policy enforcement, and cybersecurity awareness training. Active Protect regularly monitors and reports the status of a device by running through a series of security controls, identifying any vulnerabilities and providing simple step-by-step walkthroughs on how to fix them.
Jamie Ahktar, CEO at CyberSmart said, “We’re excited to expand into the Australian market with HAT Distribution. Cybercrime is a worldwide business, and the interconnected nature of global commerce in 2024 means that the more geographies we are able to offer SMBs complete cyber confidence in, the better. Almost half of Australians reported experiencing cybercrime in 2023, and we believe that the comprehensive protection we’re bringing to the Australian market will be able to limit both the success and impact of these incidents moving forward.”
Josh Gammer, General Manager of HAT Distribution said, “Amidst the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, we are thrilled to partner with CyberSmart, a leader in cybersecurity innovation, to help more Australian businesses comply with the government’s endorsed Essential Eight framework.
“With CyberSmart, even smaller players gain access to the tools required for assessment, and for MSPs, the partnership is a consultative business opportunity to guide their clients on a transformative journey toward stronger cyber defences.”
For more information about CyberSmart’s cybersecurity solution for Australia, please visit https://www.cybersmart.com/au

The post CyberSmart announces expansion into the Australian market with HAT Distribution partnership first appeared on IT Security Guru.

The post CyberSmart announces expansion into the Australian market with HAT Distribution partnership appeared first on IT Security Guru.

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