Centripetal and Platform 94 Join Forces to Bring Cybersecurity Defence to Irish Companies

Almost one in five Irish firms experienced a significant cyber attack or data breach in 2022, according to research by Aon. It’s no wonder that Irish businesses are concerned about cybersecurity, with ever evolving threats and new and novel attack vectors (for example recent news suggests that half of Irish managers ‘don’t fully understand’ AI potential). A new Cyber Ireland roadmap, unveiled by the national organisation, suggests that demand for cyber skills will only grow. It’s clear that cybersecurity is top of mind for many business leaders. 

With this in mind, Platform 94 sought out support and protection for Irish organisations, which led threat intelligence providers Centripetal to partner with the community, deploying its CleanINTERNET® solution. Cybersecurity vendors are struggling to keep up with the virulence and complexity of today’s cyber threats, and it is only by harnessing the totality of threat intelligence globally, that enterprises can hope to turn the tide and gain the upper hand.

“With Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® solution, Platform 94 is taking a significant stride in strengthening our pledge to offer a proactive cybersecurity shield for our valued members,” expressed Noreen Conway, Platform 94’s Interim CEO. “This collaboration echoes our commitment to promote the growth and security of the technology community in Galway and the broader West of Ireland.”

For over 30 years, Platform 94 has acted as a growth incubator for more than 300 emerging technology companies in County Galway and across the West of Ireland. Having dozens of different organisations under the same roof, operating on a centralised network, required a unique approach to Cybersecurity. Platform94 made the decision to team up with Centripetal to provide a proactive intelligence based cybersecurity solution for all their members. With Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET® security solution, Platform94 is able to tap into threat intelligence from around the world and provide the strongest cybersecurity shield to all of their members. 

CleanINTERNET® has already successfully blocked significant events for Platform 94, including active reconnaissance by IPs associated with the Mirai botnet malware, Cobalt Strike beaconing, and other outbound connections related to phishing and malvertising domains. 

The Mirai bot reconnaissance poses notable concerns, particularly in co-working spaces, characterised by a diverse array of interconnected devices such as printers, webcams, phones, and other peripherals. This underscores the importance of CleanINTERNET® in strengthening defences against potential threats throughout the entire network ecosystem.

“We’re pleased that Platform 94 selected Centripetal to take control of their cybersecurity posture by incorporating real-time intelligence into how they defend themselves,” said Dave Silke, European MD at Centripetal. “This effort will strengthen Ireland’s position as the leading hub for technology innovation and digital security. By combining our resources and knowledge, Centripetal and Platform 94 demonstrate how cybersecurity infrastructure can be enhanced across the country.”

The post Centripetal and Platform 94 Join Forces to Bring Cybersecurity Defence to Irish Companies first appeared on IT Security Guru.

The post Centripetal and Platform 94 Join Forces to Bring Cybersecurity Defence to Irish Companies appeared first on IT Security Guru.

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