Spring Cloud Data Flow Let Attackers Compromise The Server

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in Spring Cloud Data Flow, a microservices-based platform for streaming and batch data processing in Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

The flaw, identified in the Skipper server component, allows attackers to compromise the server by exploiting improper sanitization of the upload path.

CVE-2024-22263: Arbitrary File Write Vulnerability in Spring Cloud Data Flow

The Skipper server in Spring Cloud Data Flow is designed to receive upload package requests.

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However, due to inadequate sanitization of the upload path, a malicious user with access to the Skipper server API can craft an upload request that writes arbitrary files to any location on the file system.

This vulnerability can potentially lead to a full server compromise.

The vulnerability affects the following versions of Spring Cloud Skipper:

  • 2.11.0 – 2.11.2
  • 2.10.x

To mitigate this vulnerability, affected users should upgrade to the corresponding fixed version.

The fixed versions are as follows:

Affected Version(s) Fix Version Availability
2.11.x 2.11.3 OSS
2.10.x 2.11.3 OSS

Users of Spring Cloud Data Flow are strongly advised to upgrade to version 2.11.3 or later to protect their systems from potential exploitation.

It is crucial to apply these updates promptly to ensure the security and integrity of the server.

This vulnerability highlights the importance of proper input sanitization in software development.

Organizations using Spring Cloud Data Flow should take immediate action to upgrade their systems and prevent any potential security breaches.

For more information and detailed instructions on upgrading, users can refer to the official Spring Cloud Data Flow documentation.

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