PoC Exploit Released For macOS Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

A new vulnerability has been discovered in macOS Sonoma that is associated with privilege escalation.

This vulnerability has been assigned with CVE-2024-27842 and the severity is yet to be categorized.

This vulnerability exists in the Universal Disk Format (UDF) filesystem on macOS.

Universal Disk format is an open, vendor-neutral file system for computer data storage.

However, this vulnerability is coupled with IOCTL (input and output control) functions, which will execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

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Technical Analysis – CVE-2024-27842

According to the reports shared with Cyber Security News, the proof-of-concept for this vulnerability has been published which mentions that this vulnerability exists in the IOAESAccelerator component of macOS which is invoked. 

Further, the poc code uses any application to create a buffer of length 0x28 bytes which is written into the stack buffer of length of 0x18 bytes.

This creates a stack overflow condition on the affected device, leading to a kernel panic. 

Additionally, combining this vulnerability with the ioctl commands will boost the attack surface that can be escalated to execute unrestricted commands on the device.

This vulnerability is mentioned to be reported by CertiK SkyFall Team. 

Nevertheless, Apple has addressed this vulnerability in their security advisory, which mentions that it affects macOS Sonoma versions below 14.5.

To fix this vulnerability, users should upgrade their macOS versions to 14.5.

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