New Webkit Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Exploit PS4 And PS5 Playstations

New Webkit Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Exploit PS4 And PS5 Playstations

Webkit vulnerabilities in PS4 and PS5 refer to bugs found in the Webkit engine used by their web browsers.

These bugs, discovered in browsers like Safari and Chrome, can also exist in PS4 and PS5 because they share the same Webkit codebase. 

While a Webkit bug alone isn’t enough for a jailbreak, it can be a crucial first step, and exploiting such a vulnerability along with a kernel exploit (giving more system access) can potentially lead to a PS4/PS5 jailbreak. 

The PPPwn exploit alone is not sufficient for a PS5 jailbreak due to the console’s strong security mitigations. A usermode exploit is likely needed in conjunction with PPPwn for a workable PS5 exploit. 

While PPPwn is triggered during an internet connection, Webkit exploits run in the web browser, making it challenging to exploit them sequentially.

However, Webkit exploits are generally positive signs for the PS5 hacking scene as they potentially offer avenues for future exploits. 

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Attackers were able to take advantage of a recently patched Safari/WebKit vulnerability by exploiting a JavaScript engine assumption, and certain properties, like prototypes, are unconfigurable. 

The bug enabled them to be configured, essentially creating type confusion.

By manipulating this, attackers could gain access to properties that should be inaccessible, potentially through the Spread opcode used in the analysis phase.

This highlights the danger of unexpected side effects when assumptions about data types are broken. 

confusion vulnerability code snippet

The code crafts a scenario for a potential type of confusion vulnerability.

By inheriting from `Function`, the `Base` class gains access to the built-in `prototype` property, and assigning a number to `super.prototype` during construction might corrupt the prototype chain. 

A getter is defined on a non-existent `arr` variable to manipulate `victim [1]` when the `prototype` getter is called, which, combined with a large loop manipulating `victim` elements and a final type conversion using a potentially attacker-controlled ‘flag’, creates an environment where writing to `arr[0]` could overwrite the `prototype` of another object with the value of `victim [1]`, potentially leading to unexpected behavior. 

firmware impacted by the vulnerability.

A potential Webkit vulnerability is reported to be affecting PS4 and PS5 consoles.

Users can see if their devices are susceptible by testing a specific URL through the console’s browser with DNS redirection. 

According to Wolo, the test exploits the vulnerability by feeding a malicious webpage that triggers an “Out of Memory” or “Not enough system memory” error message, indicating a successful exploit on PS4 firmware versions 10.00 to 11.02 and PS5 firmware versions 6.00 to 8.60. 

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