Rewards Up to $10 Million for Information on Iranian Hackers

The United States Justice Department has announced big rewards for information leading to the capture of four Iranian nationals.

These individuals are accused of conducting a sophisticated multi-year cyber campaign against American companies.

The announcement underscores the gravity of cyber threats and the U.S. government’s commitment to countering such illegal activities.

The indictment, unsealed in a Manhattan federal court, names Hossein Harooni, Reza Kazemifar, Komeil Baradaran Salmani, and Alireza Shafie Nasab as the perpetrators behind a concerted effort to compromise the U.S. government and business networks.

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This cyber campaign is believed to be part of a larger strategy by Iranian actors to exert influence and gain unauthorized access to critical information and systems.

The Reward for Justice has recently tweeted about a lucrative opportunity for information related to Iranian hackers.

The reward for such information has been set at a maximum of $10 million.


The charges laid out by the Justice Department are severe and reflect the serious nature of the offenses.

The four individuals are accused of engaging in a cyber-enabled campaign that targeted U.S. infrastructure.

While the specific charges have not been detailed in the press release, such indictments typically include counts of unauthorized access to computer systems, data theft, and potentially espionage-related activities.


The impact of these cyber-attacks is far-reaching.

They represent a direct threat to the security of sensitive U.S. government and corporate information and undermine trust in digital infrastructure.

The announcement of rewards, which can reach $10 million, clearly signals that the U.S. is taking a proactive stance in deterring such cyber threats and is willing to invest significant resources in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The Justice Department’s move also serves as a deterrent to other would-be cyber attackers, demonstrating that the U.S. will pursue and potentially prosecute individuals involved in cyber espionage and cybercrime, regardless of location.

The unsealing of the indictment and the subsequent reward offer marks a critical step in the fight against international cybercrime.

The U.S. government’s approach reflects an understanding that cyber threats require a robust and multi-faceted response, combining legal action, international cooperation, and public-private partnerships.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, such measures will be vital in safeguarding national interests and maintaining the integrity of global cyberinfrastructure.

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