Hidden Backdoor in D-Link Routers Let Attacker Login as Admin

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in several models of D-Link wireless routers, allowing unauthenticated attackers to gain administrative access to the devices.

The CVE-2024-6045 vulnerability has a CVSS score of 8.8, indicating a high severity level.

CVE-2024-6045 – Vulnerability Details:

According to the Twcert blogs, the vulnerability stems from an undisclosed factory testing backdoor in specific D-Link router models.

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Attackers on the local area network can force a device to enable the Telnet service by accessing a specific URL.

Furthermore, the attackers can obtain administrator credentials by analyzing the firmware, which grants them full control over the compromised router.

Affected Router Models

The following D-Link router models are affected by this vulnerability:

  • E15, E30, G403, G415, G416, M15, M18, M30, M32, M60, R03, R04, R12, R15, R18, R32

Users of these router models are strongly advised to update their firmware to the latest version to mitigate the risk of exploitation.

D-Link has released firmware updates to address this critical vulnerability.

Users should update their router firmware according to the following guidelines:

  • Models G403, G415, G416, M18, R03, R04, R12, R18: Update to firmware version 1.10.01 or later
  • Models E30, M30, M32, M60, R32: Update to firmware version 1.10.02 or later
  • Models E15, R15: Update to firmware version 1.20.01 or later

Users must promptly apply these firmware updates to protect their routers from attacks.

The vulnerability was discovered and reported by security researcher Raymond.

D-Link has acknowledged the issue and released firmware updates to address the vulnerability.

As always, it is recommended to regularly check for and apply firmware updates to ensure the security of your network devices.

Stay vigilant and protect your routers from potential threats.

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