Apple Has Terminated 370 Million+ developer & Customer Accounts

The App Store will close over 370 million developer and customer accounts in 2023.

Apple takes this move to fight fraud and provide a safe and dependable platform for consumers and developers.

Apple has led app distribution since 2008, setting industry standards for security, stability, and user experience.

Apple has boosted its antifraud efforts to combat evolving digital threats.

The company’s recent fraud prevention analysis shows its wide ecosystem protection.

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Account Fraud Prevention

For potentially fraudulent activities, Apple terminated almost 118,000 developer accounts in 2023, down from 428,000 in 2022.

Fraud prevention improvements caused this decrease. Over 91,000 developer enrollments were rejected for fraud.

Nearly 374 million Apple accounts were deleted for fraud and abuse.

These bot-created accounts manipulated ratings, reviews, charts, and search results, jeopardizing App Store integrity.

Apple Has Terminated 370 Million+ developer & Customer Accounts
Source: Apple

App Review/Rejection

The App Store’s standards depend on Apple’s over 500-expert App Review team.

The team rejected over 1.7 million app proposals in 2023 for privacy concerns and fraud.

Over 248,000 app entries were rejected for spam, copycats, or deceiving users, and 38,000 for hidden or undocumented features.

Apple relentlessly searches for and removes harmful programs. The company blocked approximately 98,000 malicious apps in 2023.

The App Review team also removed bait-and-switch apps, which appear harmless but become illegal or destructive.

Advanced payment solutions like Apple Pay and StoreKit demonstrate Apple’s dedication to financial security.

Apple stopped approximately 3.5 million stolen credit cards and $1.8 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions in 2023. More than 1.1 million accounts were blocked from trading.

Source: Apple
Source: Apple

Apple detects and prevents fraud with modern technology and human assessment.

Apple keeps its App Store safe and trustworthy so customers can install software and developers may distribute their programs.

Apple is unrelenting in its App Store quality and security efforts.

The company invests in antifraud measures to keep the App Store safe and innovative for customers and developers.

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