Tor Browser 13.0.15 Released: What’s New!

Tor Project has announced the release of Tor Browser 13.0.15.

Available now on the Tor Browser download page and through their distribution directory, this new version introduces a series of significant updates and bug fixes that promise to improve the overall user experience and security framework.

What’s New in 13.0.15?

Central to this release is the update to Firefox 115.11.0esr, which patches vulnerabilities and strengthens the browser against potential security threats.

This update is crucial as it ensures users benefit from the latest security measures implemented in the underlying Firefox code.

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Bug Fixes and Improvements

The Tor Browser team has addressed several key issues in this release:

  • Global Private Browsing: A notable fix in version 13.0.15 is the resolution of a bug where the IndexDB’s private directory was not being removed on browser shutdown in global private browsing mode.
  • This fix is a significant step towards enhancing privacy for users who rely on Tor for sensitive browsing activities.
  • New Identity Checks: Introducing the HomePage module for new identity checks helps ensure that users can reliably reset their browsing identity, enhancing anonymity and security when needed.
  • Onion Services Authentication: The update also includes a fix for a regression in the Onion Services authentication prompt focus, ensuring that the authentication process is smoother and more secure.
  • Security Backports: The release backports crucial Android and desktop security fixes from Firefox 126, further fortifying the browser against external threats.

The Android version of Tor Browser has seen updates to GeckoView to align with the new Firefox ESR, alongside fixes to the “What’s new” URL and language restrictions to improve accessibility and user experience.

The Tor Project encourages users to provide feedback on this latest release. Whether it’s a bug report or a suggestion for improvement, user input is invaluable in shaping future updates.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 13.0.14 details all the enhancements and fixes, ensuring transparency and informing users about the changes affecting their browsing experience.

Tor Browser 13.0.15 is a testament to the Tor Project’s ongoing commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly browsing experience.

With each update, the browser evolves to serve better its community of users who prioritize privacy and security.

Users are encouraged to download the latest version to take advantage of the new features and improvements, ensuring they remain protected in the ever-evolving landscape of internet security.

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