Nmap 7.95 released – What’s New!

Nmap’s version 7.95 emerges as a testament to the relentless efforts of its development team, spearheaded by the renowned Gordon Fyodor Lyon.

The update showcases the remarkable processing of over 6,500 new OS and service detection fingerprints, underscoring the tool’s commitment to staying abreast of the rapidly changing digital landscape.

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“We finally tackled our backlog of OS and service detection fingerprint submissions.

We’re not talking about dozens or hundreds of them – we processed more than 6,500 fingerprints,” stated Lyon, reflecting on the monumental task.

Introducing 336 new signatures expands Nmap’s detection capabilities to 6,036, covering various operating systems and services.

This update includes support for the latest iterations of iOS (versions 15 & 16), macOS (Ventura & Monterey), Linux (version 6.1), OpenBSD (version 7.1), and lwIP (version 2.2), ensuring comprehensive coverage of the most current technologies.

Nmap’s service/version detection feature has also received a significant boost, with the signature count rising by 1.4% to 12,089.

This enhancement includes adding 9 new soft matches, further refining the tool’s ability to identify services and their versions accurately.

The update now supports detecting 1,246 protocols, incorporating new entries such as grpc, myself, asset, remote mouse, and tuya, thereby expanding its utility in diverse network environments.

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Author: Divya