Veeam RCE Flaws Let Hackers Gain Access To VSPC Servers

Veeam Service Provider console has been discovered with two critical vulnerabilities that were associated with Remote Code Execution.

A CVE for these vulnerabilities is yet to be assigned. These vulnerabilities exist in version 7.x and version 8.x of the Veeam Service Provider Console.


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Veeam Service Provider Console is used for remote monitoring and management capabilities from a centralized user interface with API integrations.

However, the company has patched these vulnerabilities on their latest version release.

Veeam RCE Flaws

The Remote code execution vulnerabilities existed due to an unsafe deserialization method in the VSPC server communication between the management agent and its associated components. 

Threat actors can exploit this unsafe deserialization in a specific condition and achieve remote code execution on the VSPC server machine.

Along with fixing these RCE vulnerabilities, Veeam has also released several bug fixes and improvements on its products, such as new alarm triggers, improvements in public cloud integration, backup for Microsoft 365, and much more.

For VSPC 8 (build, Veeam has informed the users to check their Veeam Service Provider Console’s version 8 before installing the cumulative patch. This can be checked in the backup portal by navigating to Configuration > Support.

As for VSPC 7, the advisory stated that the patch does not contain private fixes created after the release of P20230531 ( However, the cumulative patch was released only to address the Remote Code Execution security issue.

Additionally, the advisory also specified that Veeam Service Provider Console 7 has reached end fix in December 2023.

Further, users of these products are recommended to upgrade to the latest versions in order to prevent the exploitation of these vulnerabilities by threat actors.

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