Hackers Abused Twilio API To Verify Phone Numbers used For MFA

An unauthenticated endpoint vulnerability allowed threat actors to identify phone numbers associated with Authy accounts, which was identified, and the endpoint has been secured to prevent unauthorized access. 

No evidence suggests the attackers gained access to internal systems or other sensitive data, but as a precaution, it’s crucial to implement additional security measures to mitigate potential phishing attacks that could exploit the leaked phone numbers.

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An unauthenticated endpoint in Twilio’s Authy app allowed malicious actors to identify user phone numbers. While no evidence suggests a broader system intrusion or sensitive data exposure, 

They urge all Authy users to update their Android and iOS apps to address the vulnerability, which mitigates the risk of threat actors exploiting the exposed phone numbers for phishing and smishing attacks.  

Authy users should maintain vigilance and carefully examine any text messages that appear to be suspicious. 

A new software update is available for both Android and iOS devices, which addresses various bug fixes, including security vulnerabilities

It is imperative to install this update promptly to preserve the device’s functionality and integrity.  

For Android users, a link has been provided to download the update, while iOS users can acquire the update through the standard software update process on their devices. 

Twilio recognizes a security incident and apologizes for the disruption, as their Security Incident Response Team (T-SIRT) is currently investigating the issue and will provide updates as the situation evolves. 

This incident underscores the critical role of T-SIRT in proactively identifying security vulnerabilities, implementing preventative measures to mitigate risks, and taking corrective actions in the event of a breach. 

T-SIRT’s swift response and ongoing communication are essential to minimizing the impact of security incidents and maintaining customer trust.

If users are unable to access the Authy account due to login issues or lost access to the registered phone number, contacting Authy support is the recommended course of action. 

Their specialists will address the request and collaborate to restore functionality to the Authy account, which may involve troubleshooting login problems or initiating a phone number change procedure.

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Author: Raga Varshini