Hugging Face Hack: Spaces Secrets Exposed

Hugging Face, a leading AI and machine learning platform, has reported unauthorized access to its Spaces platform, explicitly targeting Spaces secrets.

This breach has raised concerns about the security of sensitive information and the potential impact on users.

Unauthorized Access Detected

Earlier this week, Hugging Face’s security team detected unauthorized access to their Spaces platform.

The breach specifically targeted Space secrets, which are critical for the secure operation of various applications and services hosted on the platform.

The company suspects some of these secrets may have been accessed without proper authorization.

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Hugging Face has taken swift action to mitigate the potential damage in response to the breach.

The company has revoked several Hugging Face (HF) tokens in the compromised secrets as a first step.

Affected users have already been notified via email and are advised to refresh any keys or tokens.

Additionally, Hugging Face recommends switching to fine-grained access tokens, now the default for enhanced security.

Enhanced Security Measures

Hugging Face collaborates with external cybersecurity forensic specialists to thoroughly investigate the incident and review its security policies and procedures.

Over the past few days, the company has implemented several significant improvements to the security of the Spaces infrastructure:

  • Removal of Org Tokens: Org tokens have been completely removed, increasing traceability and audit capabilities.
  • Key Management Service (KMS): A KMS has been implemented to manage Spaces secrets securely.
  • Token Leak Detection: The system’s ability to identify and proactively invalidate leaked tokens has been robustified and expanded.
  • General Security Enhancements: Overall security measures across the platform have been improved.

Hugging Face also plans to deprecate “classic” read-and-write tokens in favor of fine-grained access tokens once they reach feature parity.

The incident has been reported to law enforcement agencies and data protection authorities.

Hugging Face is committed to using this incident to strengthen the security of its entire infrastructure.

The company deeply regrets any disruption caused by the breach and understands the inconvenience it may have posed to users.

The recent breach at Hugging Face underscores the importance of robust cybersecurity measures in protecting sensitive information.

As the company works to enhance its security infrastructure, users are advised to stay vigilant and follow recommended practices to safeguard their data.

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