ArubaOS Critical Vulnerability Let Attackers Execute Remote Code

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in ArubaOS that affect HPE Aruba Networking devices, including Mobility Conductor, Mobility Controllers WLAN Gateways, and SD-WAN Gateways managed by Aruba Central.

These vulnerabilities are linked to Unauthenticated Buffer Overflow (CVE-2024-26305, CVE-2024-26304, CVE-2024-33511, CVE-2024-33512 and CVE-2024-33518) and Unauthenticated Denial-of-Service (CVE-2024-33513, CVE-2024-33514, CVE-2024-33515, CVE-2024-33516, CVE-2024-33517 and CVE-2024-33518).

The severity of these vulnerabilities ranges from 5.3 (Medium) to 9.8 (Critical). However, all of the vulnerabilities were associated with the PAPI (Protocol Application Programming Interface) protocol.

Vulnerability Analysis

Unauthenticated Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

This vulnerability existed in multiple places that could allow a threat actor to execute unauthenticated remote code on vulnerable systems.

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Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to executing arbitrary code as a privileged user.

The different places this vulnerability existed and their corresponding severity are as follows:

Unauthenticated Denial-of-Service

This vulnerability allows a threat actor to interrupt the normal operation of the affected product and make it unusable. The existence of this vulnerability in multiple places and their corresponding severities are as follows:

Affected Products And Fixed In Versions

As per the security advisory, the HPE Aruba Networking products affected by this vulnerability are as follows:

  • Mobility Conductor (formerly Mobility Master)
  • Mobility Controllers
  • WLAN Gateways and SD-WAN Gateways managed by Aruba Central
Affected Software Versions Versions from and up to
ArubaOS 10.5.x.x and below
ArubaOS 10.4.x.x and below
ArubaOS 8.11.x.x and below
ArubaOS 8.10.x.x and below
ArubaOS 8.8.x.x: all
ArubaOS 8.7.x.x: all
ArubaOS 8.6.x.x: all
ArubaOS 6.5.4.x: all
SD-WAN all
SD-WAN all
Fixed in versions Versions to
ArubaOS 10.6.x.x and above
ArubaOS 10.5.x.x and above
ArubaOS 10.4.x.x and above
ArubaOS 8.11.x.x and above
ArubaOS 8.10.x.x and above

It is recommended that users of these products upgrade to the latest versions to prevent their exploitation by threat actors.

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Author: Raga Varshini