Hackers Hijack Anycubic 3D Printers to Display Warning Messages

Hackers Hijack Anycubic 3D Printers to Display Warning Messages

Anycubic 3D printer owners have been caught off guard by a series of unauthorized messages warning them of a critical security flaw.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of internet-connected devices and the potential for exploitation.

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Reddit Reports of Hacked Anycubic 3D Printers

Users on Reddit began reporting unusual activity on their Anycubic 3D printers, with many finding a text file named “hacked_machine_readme” unexpectedly appearing on their devices. 

This file contained a message alerting them to a “critical vulnerability” and advising immediate action to prevent potential exploitation.

Techcrunch has recently released an article to show that Anycubic customers are reporting that their 3D printers have been hacked and now display a message warning of an alleged security flaw in the company’s systems.

Content of the Hacked_machine_readme File

The message within the text file was clear and alarming: “Your machine has a critical vulnerability, posing a significant threat to your security.

Immediate action is strongly advised to prevent potential exploitation”. It also suggested that users disconnect their printers from the internet to avoid being hacked.

The vulnerability mentioned pertains to Anycubic’s MQTT service, a messaging protocol used for device communication.

The text file claimed this service could be exploited to “connect and control” customer 3D printers remotely.

In light of these events, the text file urged users to disconnect their printers from the internet until Anycubic addresses the issue.

The broader community echoed this advice as users shared their experiences and recommendations on various forums.

Company Response

At the time of the reports, Anycubic’s app was down, and users attempting to log in were met with a “network unavailable” error message. 

Anycubic’s representative, James Ouyang, acknowledged the situation, stating, “We are investigating very carefully. There will be an official announcement very soon,” but did not provide further details.

The individual behind the text file claimed the message had been sent to 2.9 million Anycubic 3D printers3. 

This figure is significant, considering Anycubic’s reported cumulative sales of 3 million printers, as mentioned by James Ouyang in a previous interview.

Implications for Anycubic and Its Users

This hacking incident not only exposes potential security risks for Anycubic’s products but also puts the company’s reputation on the line.

Users are now waiting for a comprehensive response from Anycubic and a resolution to the vulnerability that has put their devices at risk.

In conclusion, hacking Anycubic 3D printers is a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities inherent in internet-connected devices.

As the situation develops, the 3D printing community remains vigilant and expects a swift and effective response from Anycubic to secure their devices and restore confidence in their products.

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