Golden Corral restaurant chain Hacked: 180,000+ Users’ Data Stolen

Golden Corral restaurant chain Hacked: 180,000+ Users’ Data Stolen

The Golden Corral Corporation, a popular American restaurant chain, has suffered a significant data breach, compromising the personal information of over 180,000 past and present employees, dependents, and beneficiaries.

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Data Breach and Immediate Response

On August 15, 2023, Golden Corral experienced a data security incident that led to a temporary disruption in corporate operations.

The company promptly initiated an investigation to determine the nature and extent of the breach and to restore the affected computer systems.

It was discovered that an unauthorized actor had accessed the company’s systems between August 11 and August 15, 2023, and acquired sensitive data.

Golden Corral has since worked closely with federal law enforcement to address the incident and has been taking steps to implement additional safeguards to prevent future breaches.

Golden Corral Corporation has reported a data security breach which has resulted in a temporary interruption to their corporate operations.

The exact nature and scope of the incident have not yet been disclosed, but it is believed that the breach may have compromised sensitive information.

The company is currently investigating the matter and taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of their data systems.

Compromised Information

The unauthorized access resulted in the potential exposure of sensitive information, including names, Social Security numbers, financial account details, driver’s license numbers, medical information, usernames and passwords, and health insurance information.

Golden Corral completed a thorough review of the potentially impacted data on January 26, 2024, and began the process of notifying affected individuals on February 16, 2024.

Golden Corral has offered two years of free credit data monitoring through Experian to the employees affected by the breach.

The company has also guided how to protect against identity theft and fraud, including instructions on placing a fraud alert and security freeze on credit files.

Despite the breach, there is no evidence to suggest that customer data was compromised, as the affected information pertained solely to employees and their dependents.

Several law firms are investigating claims on behalf of the affected employees and are encouraging them to join class action efforts against Golden Corral. 

The company urges all potentially impacted individuals to remain vigilant by monitoring their account statements and credit reports for any unusual activity.

For additional information or assistance, individuals can contact Golden Corral’s dedicated assistance line. Golden Corral Data Breach.

Golden Corral is dealing with the aftermath of a significant data breach affecting a large number of its workforce.

The company has taken steps to address the breach and is working to support the affected individuals while also enhancing its security measures to prevent future incidents.

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