12 best cybersecurity podcasts as recommended by the professionals

Cybersecurity podcasts can provide valuable insights into the current state of the industry as well as provide tips and best practices that CISOs can incorporate into their own security strategies. Additionally, they can be a great way for security leaders to stay connected to their peers and understand the challenges they’re facing.

Here are 12 of the best cybersecurity podcasts to listen to as recommended by CISOs/security leaders:

Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update

In his podcast, host Troy Hunt takes a look at the latest security news and trends from around the world.

“Troy Hunt’s Weekly Update Podcast is a must-listen. Troy talks about breach activity based on real-world experience, and as the owner of Have I Been Pwned, the data and information he has is verified, validated, and confirmed. His insights into the behaviors and actions of threat actors using social engineering are brilliant and invaluable to anyone keeping tabs on the overall scene, and his correlation to millions of compromises gives him the ability to tie it all to the bigger picture. Additionally, Troy talks about a lot of other technical topics and cybersecurity events, so not only do you get great info on the threat landscape and activity but general knowledge as well. There are a ton of other cybersecurity podcasts, but Troy’s is my go-to.” â€“ Mike DeNapoli, director and cybersecurity architect, Cymulate.


Co-hosted by founder Patrick Gray and Adam Boileau, Risky.Biz is a weekly information security podcast that features news as well as comprehensive interviews with industry luminaries.

“Shows like Risky.Biz, which was founded by a cybersecurity journalist, offer in-depth analysis and discussion on the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and technologies, featuring insights from expert practitioners. This is my regular ‘go-to’ as the conversations can be wide-ranging, touching on anything from how AI harassment campaigns could potentially affect the 2024 election to the latest perspectives on cybersecurity policy.” – Stephen O’Brien, head of product at cybersecurity automation platform Tines

“Patrick Gray covers many things security and brings professionals with very diverse backgrounds to provide a broad view of security challenges and news. This is a great source of high-level news for busy professionals in the cybersecurity industry, especially CISOs and other security leaders.” – Augusto Barros, vice president and cybersecurity evangelist at Securonix

“[One] podcast I recommend is Risky.Biz, which is a long-running information security podcast that provides color commentary along with their weekly wrap-up of major security events. Their team provides detailed links to deeper reading on each of their topics, so it’s fairly easy to fall into a rabbit hole and gain a lot of knowledge from each episode.” – Chris Niggel, regional CSO, Americas, Okta.

Darknet Diaries

Created by Jack Rhysider, Darknet Diaries is a “podcast about hackers, breaches, shadow government activity, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network.”

“The Darknet Diaries podcast is one of the few podcasts that provides a real-life, gritty look at stories from the dark side of our industry. Podcast participants tell stories of real-life endeavors, showcasing how incidents or events went right, how they went wrong, and how they changed the landscape of our industry along with the lives of those involved. If you want to hear raw, uncut stories about some of the craziest things to have happened in the security realm, this is the podcast to which you want to listen.” – Ryan Chapman, principal consultant, incident response at Palo Alto Networks and author and instructor at the SANS Institute

“A great technical resource. This is where I go for more deep-dive content on the interesting scam du jour.” – Greg Notch, CISO of Expel

“A podcast that interviews hackers on their true experiences and stories. I enjoy this podcast because it offers listeners the chance to gain insights into the mindset of how hackers think and operate. I’ve discovered that adopting a hacker’s mindset is one of the most effective approaches to ensuring the best protection for both you and your organization.” – Jeremy Ventura, director of security strategy and field CISO, ThreatX.

“Everyone in cybersecurity should be listening to Darknet Diaries. The host, Jack Rhysider, does a phenomenal job at storytelling that sucks in the listener. This is one of the few podcasts where a listener will regularly hear from both the attackers and defenders that are on the front lines of cybersecurity.” – Jon Davis, CISO of Oomnitza

“One of my favorite security podcasts is Darknet Diaries. Jack Rhysider takes a true crime, narrative approach to cybersecurity stories, including hacktivists, digital privacy, spyware attacks, and more. It’s highly engaging – and non-fiction. A good episode to get started on is a deep dive on the NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware and how they operate.” – Nick Harrahill, director of customer support at SaaS security company Spin.ai

“I listen to Darknet Diaries where the show’s host explores true stories of cybercriminal activities involving hacking, data breaches, and cybercrime involving threat actors, dark web syndicates, and more. I tune in to [this] podcast to stay updated on current global events, particularly when it involves expert analysis from global specialists. I find that they enrich my own understanding and appreciation of cybersecurity issues. I always value the perspectives of seasoned industry veterans who bring their unique insights to spark meaningful conversations and delve into broader discussions on important matters. Drawing from their experiences is hugely beneficial in expanding my own awareness and knowledge across so many cybersecurity domains.” – Rodman Ramezanian, global cloud threat lead, Skyhigh Security

“I’ve been enjoying Darknet Diaries, which explores interesting, real-world case studies. I primarily listen to business-focused podcasts, such as Acquired and Stratechery. It’s important to stay on top of the latest threats and trends in cybersecurity and infosec, but it’s also important to have an understanding of the market, what’s driving business growth, and how businesses have grown rapidly in the past. Having that broader perspective helps contextualize the risks and opportunities we’re navigating as infosec professionals.” – Elliot Colquhoun, vice president, IT and information security, Airwallex

CISO Series

In the CISO Series podcast, hosts cybersecurity journalist David Spark and veteran CISOs Mike Johnson and Andy Ellis talk about various aspects of cybersecurity leadership.

“I’m a big fan of the CISO Series podcasts, which uses a talk show format. They source great guests who provide interesting perspectives on the cybersecurity industry. Because it’s a talk show, it’s hard to pick a specific episode. But if you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest headlines, e.g., Google’s Gemini, recent data breaches, ransomware group busts. Start here.” – Nick Harrahill, director of customer support at SaaS security company Spin.ai

“CISO Series is a podcast that caters to cybersecurity professionals, specifically those in CISO roles. The topics discussed are directly relevant to the challenges and responsibilities faced by cybersecurity leaders, and they’re often backed by perspectives from the CISOs themselves.” –Simon Hodgkinson, strategy advisor, cybersecurity company Semperis and former CISO, BP

Cyber Security Headlines by the CISO Series

Cybersecurity Headlines is a podcast that airs daily with recent news and topics. This podcast provides me with a concise overview of current events, making it perfect for staying informed when I’m constantly on the move.” – Jeremy Ventura, director of security strategy and field CISO, ThreatX.

“Cyber Security Headlines by the CISO Series has quickly become my go-to podcast, offering a refreshing take on cybersecurity updates. This podcast delivers concise and highly relevant information, ensuring that I stay up to date on the latest developments in the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity. It’s like a quick, informative burst that not only fits seamlessly into my daily routine but also keeps me well informed and prepared in the ever-evolving digital landscape.” – Scott Gerlach, CSO and co-founder of StackHawk

“Cyber Security Headlines offers concise, daily updates on the most pressing cybersecurity news. As a CEO of a cybersecurity company, I value staying updated with the latest developments the industry. This podcast gives me quick, relevant insights into emerging threats, industry trends, and notable security incidents that could impact my company’s strategy and operations.” – Chris Lehman, CEO of SafeGuard Cyber

SANS Internet Storm Center

Published every weekday, the Internet Storm Center podcast offers a brief summary of current network security-related events to get listeners ready for the day.

“[This podcast] is fantastic because it’s conducted nearly daily on weekdays and provides a concise yet informative take on the goings-on within the information realm. The episodes are bite-size, easy to listen to, and chock-full of learning. Once you begin listening, you’ll find yourself researching the topics discussed to take your learning even further. Just an absolutely wonderful podcast.” – Ryan Chapman, principal consultant, incident response at Palo Alto Networks and author and instructor at the SANS Institute

“SANS Internet Stormcenter is a short, daily podcast that provides a quick way to catch up on what’s happening in the cybersecurity world every day. The concise, factual format is easy to follow every day.” – Chris Niggel, regional CSO, Americas, Okta.

CISOs in Cars

In this podcast, host Kunal Agarwal “drives through the Bay [Area] to chat with some of the dopest leaders in the cyber industry.”

“CISOs in Cars isn’t your average security podcast – it’s super well-produced like a late-night talk show shot live in a tricked-out Tesla. What’s nice is that the host, dope.security’s Kunal Agarwal, and CISOs get real and in the details about what it takes to become a security leader. And, as host, Kunal shows CISOs as more than just customers. They’re trailblazers in the IT security world, and we need content made for us. It feels super relatable and never boring. They even almost got stopped by the police once.” – Geet Pradhan, engineering security at Lime

Redefining CyberSecurity

Hosted by Sean Martin, Redefining CyberSecurity brings together executives, lines of business owners, and practitioners to discuss the importance of their information security investments.

“Redefining CyberSecurity is a great podcast about the business side of cybersecurity. All episodes focus on really important questions all cybersecurity leaders should ask themselves: Are the technologies and strategies I’m deploying actually effective? Are they actually protecting our people, our companies, and our communities? The podcast features the best experts in the field to dive into these questions and reflect on the impact our investments have not only on our security but on business growth, customer loyalty, and partner trust.” – Simon Hodgkinson, strategy advisor, cybersecurity company Semperis and former CISO, BP

Cloud N Clear

The Cloud N Clear podcast, created by Tony Safoian, president and CEO of Sada, is hosted by Safoian and other top leaders in cloud technology.

“Lately I’ve been listening to Sada’s podcast Cloud N Clear. They do a good job of covering pertinent security issues and the latest security products. They help me stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity trends. [One of the recent] episodes that had me hooked was a discussion on deceptive technology with Ram Varadarajan of Acalvio. There was also an interesting discussion with Vidyo on safety and security in video conferencing, which I think we’ve all been using a lot more in the last few years.” – Davit Asatryan, director of product at SaaS security company Spin.ai

Beer ISAC OT/ICS Security Podcast Playlist

The Beer ISAC OT/ICS Security Podcast Playlist is a curated playlist of operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity-related podcast episodes by ICS security enthusiasts.

“[This] is a great resource for those who are looking to learn more about the OT security space or the impacts on critical infrastructure and cyber-physical systems we rely on every day. These podcasts inspire not only other security professionals but people from many different industries to consider and reconsider the processes, technology, and people that society depends on beyond the world’s IT infrastructure.” – Danielle Jablanski, OT cybersecurity strategist, Nozomi Networks


Although not directly focused on cybersecurity, the Mik+One podcast, hosted by Planview CTO Mik Kersten, covers a wide array of topics from AI and DevOps to the greater technology landscape.

“[Our] Mik+One [podcast] engages in insightful conversations with a diverse range of industry experts and thought leaders, exploring key themes in technology, business, and leadership. I find value in the podcast’s in-depth exploration of crucial topics at the intersection of technology and business. The episodes address such themes as agile transformation, digital disruption, and the role of finance in driving transformation, directly aligning with the concerns and responsibilities of CIO/CISOs. The emphasis on security considerations, waste reduction, and the challenges of implementing predictive and prescriptive models in organizations offers practical and strategic perspectives that are highly relevant in the constantly evolving landscape of cybersecurity and information management.” – Joe McMorris, CIO and CISO at Planview

Cyber Security & Cloud Podcast

In this podcast, host Francesco Cipollone talks with cybersecurity experts “on how to stay safe, private, and secure on the cloud and in code.”

“This podcast dives into the world of application security, cloud security, and the human element in cybersecurity. It features guests who bring unique perspectives on [how important communication is] within the cybersecurity industry. Episodes discuss various topics, including blockchain security and cloud vulnerabilities. I find this particular podcast interesting for its in-depth discussions on cloud security and application security, which are key areas I focus on at SafeGuard Cyber.” – Steven Spadaccini, CTO of SafeGuard Cyber

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