Code42’s Incydr identifies source and destination of source code

Insider risk management provider Code42 has launched an update to its Incydr data protection that can now detect the source and destination of proprietary source code movement and accurately detect exfiltration. This announcement follows on the September 2022 update when the company introduced the detection of Git push commands–the movement of source code to unsanctioned code repositories. This allows Incydr to identify that the source code being moved originated from a corporate code repository.

Code42 claims traditional data protection tools cannot track where source code is being exfiltrated from or where it’s moving to. The lack of visibility prevents organizations from identifying whether the source code is open source or proprietary, or if insiders are moving it to untrusted repositories. The update is available now and it is included in Incydr’s subscription.

Those looking to sign up to the Incidr SaaS offering must meet minimal hardware requirements needed, and it is likely most organizations meet these requirements. Code42 says Incydr is easy to use taking little time to onboard and deploy, but product documentation and video trainings are available when needed.

Other features Incydr offers

The SaaS application detects data exposure, loss, leak, and theft. Incydr offers a range of response solutions, including automated microlearning modules for accidental non-malicious risk, case management for efficient collaboration on investigations, and automated blocking for the highest-risk use cases.

In July, Code42 introduced custom insider risk indicators (IRIs) to Incydr, aimed at enabling security teams to customize their insider risk alerts based on needs specific to their business and industry, allowing prioritization of sensitive events.

Incydr enables security teams to identify and remediate insider risk events. Organizations can also define untrusted and trusted repositories so that analysts are alerted only to suspicious movements of source code. Source code is among the top three most valuable data types, according to Code42’s Data Exposure report 2023 that spoke to 700 cybersecurity leaders, managers and practitioners from US companies.

Code42 partners with Tines

Code42 has also partnered with no-code automation platform provider Tines designed to enable security teams to simplify manual, error-prone, and cross-functional workflows by automating actions between Incydr and other corporate systems such as IAM, PAM, EDR, HCM, and ITSM.

The partnership promises to accelerate response times to remediate critical events, reduce manual, repetitive, or error-prone tasks by streamlining watchlist management, investigations and follow-up actions required of security, management, legal, or human resources team members. Code42 also claims it willsimplify processes that rely on multiple teams, such as alert triage.

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