Star your favorite websites in the dashboard

Star your favorite websites in the dashboard

Star your favorite websites in the dashboard

We’re excited to introduce starring, a new dashboard feature built to speed up your workflow. You can now “star” up to 10 of the websites and applications you have on Cloudflare for quicker access.

Star your websites or applications for more efficiency

We have heard from many of our users, particularly ones with tens to hundreds of websites and applications running on Cloudflare, about the need to “favorite” the ones they monitor or configure most often. For example, domains or subdomains that our users designate for development or staging may be accessed in the Cloudflare dashboard daily during a build, migration or a first-time configuration, but then rarely touched for months at a time; yet every time logging in, these users have had to go through multiple steps—searching and paging through results—to navigate to where they need to go. These users seek a more efficient workflow to get to their destination faster. Now, by starring your websites or applications, you can have easier access.

How to get started

Star a website or application

Today, you can star up to 10 items per account. Simply star a website or application you have added to Cloudflare from its Overview page. Once you have starred at least one item, you will then see these marked as “starred” in most places across the dashboard. Just look for the yellow star icon. You can always remove from starred by toggling the button.

Filter by starred

By starring a website or application, you can then filter your lists down to display starred items only. To do so, simply select the “starred” filter from the Home page or the site switcher from the sidebar navigation.

Try it out for yourself—log into your account to get started today.

What’s next?

We’re very excited to offer this new functionality for better organization of your Cloudflare experience, and about the many possibilities to mature this feature. After trying it out, give us a shout in the Cloudflare Community to let us know what improvements you’d like to see come next.

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Author: Emily Flannery