5 cyber hygiene strategies to help prevent cyber attacks

The world of cybersecurity is constantly inundated with news on the latest data breaches, cybercriminal attack trends, and security measures. And while that information is critical for adapting to the ever-changing nature of cybercrime, it’s also important to pay attention to foundational measures as well. Basic security hygiene still protects against 98% of attacks. As … Read more

Critical cloud-delivered security services for SASE

SASE = SD-WAN + SSE is an equation that has become conspicuous in the security industry. If you aren’t a cybersecurity professional, you might mistake it for a high school advanced algebra problem or perhaps one of Einstein’s scientific formulas. But IT professionals understand at a high level that SASE, a solution that provides the hybrid … Read more

Uncursing the ncurses: Memory corruption vulnerabilities found in library

Uncursing the ncurses: Memory corruption vulnerabilities found in library

Microsoft has discovered a set of memory corruption vulnerabilities in a library called ncurses, which provides APIs that support text-based user interfaces (TUI). Released in 1993, the ncurses library is commonly used by various programs on Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and FreeBSD. Using environment variable poisoning, attackers could chain … Read more

JFrog combines ML development with DevSecOps

With businesses increasingly relying on a host of AI implementations within their services, JFrog is trying to respond to the need for a central management system to bring AI deliveries in line with an organization’s existing DevOps practices. Dubbed “ML model management,” JFrog’s new capabilities are introduced within the JFrog software supply chain platform to … Read more

10 principles to ensure strong cybersecurity in agile development

Today’s hyper-competitive business environment requires organizations to move fast and stay innovative. As a result, 80% or more organizations have adopted an agile development approach. Unfortunately, this higher development velocity introduces several opportunities for exploitation by cyber criminals, especially if the software lifecycle processes are not secured. So, how can organizations make agile development practices … Read more

Automotive supply chain vulnerable to attack as cybersecurity regulation looms

Almost two-thirds (64%) of automotive industry leaders believe their supply chain is vulnerable to cyberattacks, with many businesses inadequately prepared for a connected automotive era. That’s according to new Kaspersky research based on 200 interviews with C-level decision makers in large enterprises of at least 1,000 employees in the automotive sector. It revealed a vast … Read more