Why You Should Nominate Wellbeing Advocates for the 2023 Unsung Heroes Awards

With the deadline for this year’s Security Serious Unsung Heroes nominations rapidly approaching, our Gurus spoke to Christine Gordon-Bennett, Manager Cybersecurity Awareness at Nedbank, who was last year’s winner of the Wellbeing Advocate Award. We asked her about the importance of leading by example, what she’s been up to in the year since her win, … Read more

North Korean hackers are targeting security researchers: Google

A campaign by government-backed actors in North Korea is believed to be using zero-day exploits to target security researchers working on vulnerability research and development. Google’s threat analysis group (TAG) said it has been tracking the campaign since January 2021 and has found a zero-day exploit being used recently in the campaign. “TAG is aware … Read more

5 areas where zero trust can’t protect your organization

Adopting zero trust is no fail safe against cyberattacks. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to get around zero trust, and this often happens because not everything within the organization environment was considered when employing zero trust. Among the overlooked risks are legacy systems, unmonitored IoT devices, or privileged access abuse. Zero trust is a … Read more